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Use blogs and articles to create and sustain genuine relationships with your audience.

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Healthcare blog writing is the perfect opportunity to build trust with your audience. Create blogs and articles that readers hunger for, filled with authentic, medically sound information and advice. Develop a reputation as a trusted expert.

These articles only work when you define your target audiences and have a sense of what topics will excite and move them. We plan your blog posts, so they resonate with your customers, resulting in shareable content.

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The Goal of a Great Healthcare Blog or Article

A website provides plenty of helpful information for your audience, but it doesn’t always touch upon all the topics that interest them. And that’s where blogging can help. A blog gives you a way to cover a range of relevant, useful and current topics while driving traffic to other parts of the website.

For example, we used blogging to help the National Gaucher Foundation score a 52% increase in organic search traffic. Our team wrote blog content that applied web writing and SEO best practices while empowering followers with new information. Audience interaction was key: Blog topics were often chosen based on online discussions and interactions.

Using the custom content our team created, the National Gaucher Foundation significantly increased engagement with its community. Their website showed a 100% increase in online donations as well as a 252% increase in visitors.

Anytime we write a blog post, we’re thinking about the true goal of great content marketing that answers readers’ questions:

content that attracts customers


Create content that will draw prospects like bees to a blossoming flower.


Give them the content they crave and, hopefully, engage them further with the exchange of an email address or a follow.

Use empathy in your healthcare content writing to connect with audiences.

Engage or connect

Continue to engage with them by creating and sending relevant content about your product, service or knowledge base.

Does your healthcare content strategy get a seal of approval from your leadership?

Build trust

Provide useful information focused on your audience. Help solve their problems. Instead of extolling your virtues, you build trust and loyalty.

Want to learn more about our success in content marketing, specifically writing for healthcare blogs? Check out our awesome case studies.

national gaucher foundation


Case Study

National Gaucher Foundation

See how our custom quality content increased organic traffic by 52% and online donations by 100% with timely, relevant blog content.

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Rise in traffic referred from organic search


Increase in multiple-page sessions


Growth in visitors


Boost in online donations

henry ford health

Aha Media is a critical piece of our blog’s continued success. In the last year, we’ve quadrupled our page traffic, more than doubled our engagement metrics and became one of the main sources for organic traffic to overall. I am grateful for the quality of work Aha Media produces. Their work is consistent, and the process is very turnkey. In a time when many things are uncertain and often overly complicated, we appreciate being able to rely on this aspect of our work as a constant.

Brooke Hess

Content Strategy & Promotions Manager, Henry Ford Health System

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