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Patient Stories and Customer Testimonials

Create trust by telling stories that make people feel heard and understood.

Make an Impact With Stories and Testimonials

Product reviews are popular because they help a consumer make an educated decision. Customer testimonials and patient stories are the “product reviews” of hospitals, giving your audience additional confirmation they want to engage with your brand.

Patient Stories

“Facts tell, stories sell.”

Imagine searching for hope as you face a diagnosis no one ever wants to hear. Or moving to a new area and not knowing where to turn to for primary care. Or finding out you’re pregnant and wanting to secure the best care for your baby. Your audience turns to your marketing content to find people who look like them, feel like them and need like them.

We deliver patient narratives that bring your healthcare institution to life.

For each patient story, we interview a patient and a provider. Patients have so much to share about their experiences: how they found their doctor, what communication was like, their treatment experiences and their quality of life now. Healthcare professionals want to share the details, not only to market the hospital but to educate future patients.

We use your voice and tone and style guide to weave together the experiences of the doctor and patient. The stories demonstrate to potential patients that the quality of care they crave is available to them.

Patient testimonials are effective on your website and social media, but you can also use them to create videos and slideshows. We plan and develop the story with you for multiple uses.

We offer two patient story packages to fit your current needs and budget. Want information on pricing? Reach out to us.

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Customer Testimonials

As a B2B or B2P organization, you know you need to impress your prospects. Detailed, authentic testimonials change the entire buying decision. We always look for the deep story behind your prospect’s needs, so we can craft testimonials that breathe life into your solutions.

Our content creators understand your strategy, products and services so they can build customer testimonials that capture and nurture your buyers. Testimonials work best when they are conversational, direct and short, so we interview your customers and managers. While writing, we build a story that includes marketplace challenges, specific solutions and quotes to capture satisfaction.

Whether you use them as stand-alone pieces or inside other content, customer testimonials help turn your audience into customers by illustrating how you solve their problems.

We offer two customer testimonial packages to fit your current needs and budget. Reach out for a quote.

Patient Stories and Testimonials for the Best of the Best

Our experienced team has worked on 600+ projects for more than 115 clients. We are proud to deliver patient stories and customer testimonials to some of the world’s best hospitals, health systems and health companies.

Provider Profiles

We go beyond basic bio details you may find about a physician in their “find-a-doc” profile . Physician profiles allow you to build a fuller picture of a provider. Our data shows that 75% of people read a doctor’s profile before scheduling an appointment, and 70% of them are under age 71. These stories and interviews can confirm a patient’s choice and build confidence in their healthcare decision.

A powerful provider profile (say that three times fast) highlights the provider’s experience, expertise and personality. Your find-a-doc may not have a field for a provider’s pets, but a physician profile can showcase personal details that build connections.

And people care about those details. Our research found that a doctor’s morals and values, sense of humor and reasons for becoming a physician are important to healthcare consumers. Build a provider profile that includes these intimate details.

Interested in pricing for provider profiles? Contact us for a quote.

Building relationships and servant leadership are key components of each client engagement we have. So it is critical to align with partners who invest in strengthening both at the highest level. This is why we continue to choose Aha Media Group. Ahava brings the experience, expertise and energy to produce best-in-class healthcare content strategies for several of our clients across the country. I couldn’t be more proud to have them as an extension of our team.
Brandon Scott
Brandon Scott
Vice President of Digital, Ten Adams
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Need Help With Your Provider Profiles?

After surveying more than 500 patients, we discovered that the conventional wisdom regarding doctor bios isn’t 100% accurate. There’s a good chance your organization isn’t including the main things people want to know when searching for a physician.

We distilled what you need to know about physician bios into this checklist: A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating High-Converting Physician Bios. It comes with the executive summary of our survey findings and will help you turn your doctor profile pages into appointment-making machines.

You need this checklist for physician bios that convert.

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