Digital Marketing Writing Workshops

Transform Print Writers into Digital Writers

Are your writers having trouble creating engaging content for your brand? Are the pressures of writing for so many different digital outlets – social media, mobile and web – confusing?

The ever-changing landscape of our digital world means that writers are constantly learning new technical and strategic skills. Training in current best practices for digital content will give your writers concrete skills they can apply on a daily basis. Our content strategy and marketing writing workshops also teach your teams to develop a broad understanding of digital strategy, as well as how to plan and write compelling, searchable content.

How can we help you?

We customize the marketing writing workshop experience so your team can build the skills they need for web and social media writing:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • How people read on screens
  • Usability
  • Content strategy
  • Content marketing
  • Mobile and social media use

Digital marketing writing workshop takeaways

After the workshops, participants will be able to:

Write for the web and social media

  • Apply best practices for writing on screens
  • Understand the difference between writing for mobile and writing for traditional web browsing
  • Write appropriate posts for Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
  • Understand how to think like a user and focus on the reader
  • Use style guides

Create SEO-rich content

  • Understand how and why search engines deliver search results
  • Research and understand how to apply keywords
  • Write a keyword-rich article with headlines optimized for SEO
  • Understand different models of a content strategy
  • Sketch a publishing workflow
  • Create copy decks for the organization to use in a distributed publishing model
  • Gain knowledge of some of the best thought leaders in the space

Our approach

Before the workshop

Before the workshop, we spend several hours understanding what your team needs to get out of the digital marketing writing workshop, including assessing current and common challenges that your team faces. Understanding your writers’ challenges helps us create a personalized workshop that spends time on the skills they need honed.

Workshop day

The workshops are a full day, lasting 7 hours + 1 hour break for lunch. The workshop focuses on the basic skills of digital writing, the practice of writing for mobile and social media, as well as the details of content strategy.

Personalized for your industry and audiences

Whatever your industry, our marketing writing workshop will sharpen your writers’ understanding of how to craft robust, user-centered content for your customers. We use materials from your own website, and from related fields, so your writers will be familiar with the content.

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More Information

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Testimonials from Our Content Marketing Clients

You were the Yoda to our Luke Skywalkers and for that, I am immensely grateful. Thank you for helping us shine today.

Ahava is a great workshop leader. She brings tremendous knowledge about content strategy and search engine optimization to her workshops on writing web content. With her excellent examples and practical exercises, you’ll learn – and have fun.

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