Virtual Content Writing Training

Keep Your Team Up-to-Date on Healthcare Content Best Practices

Creativity is sparked when we learn new things and see what the best of the best are doing to solve their marketing challenges. Ahava Leibtag is excited to bring the learning to you and your team.

Based on the latest research in what you’re looking for your teams, I’m excited to offer four virtual training experiences:

Writing for the Web

This popular in-person workshop has been moved to a virtual experience. This day-long workshop is now transformed into two-hour segments across three days to make it flexible for your teams. And all sessions are recorded, so you can use them for training purposes later.

Time commitment: 8 hours spread across 3 days

Cost: $10,000 (In a Zoom of 25 participants, that’s $400 per person)

The Voice and Tone Experience

Learning to write and create content in the voice of your brand takes practice. Learning to shift and communicate in the tone appropriate for the situation? That takes training.

Our voice and tone experience was designed with those solutions in mind—first, we create voice and tone guidelines, and second, we train your team on how to use them. Finally, we give you a playbook so your team can use it at any time to stay on track.

This playbook will become your team’s go-to guide for creating content that’s in line with your voice and tone moving forward. And because the team had a hand in creating it together, it will be an approach that is already agreed upon and widely adopted.

Time commitment: 3.5 hours

Cost: $5,000

Participants: Usually 12-15 but will vary depending on the size of your organization

  1. Pre-workshop conversation: We’ll spend about 30 minutes understanding the brand and your team’s needs
  2. Workshop: We’ll spend about 90 minutes on a variety of engaging and fun workshop exercises. These exercises are designed to help facilitate conversations and articulate how you want to speak to your audiences. Believe it or not, these conversations work great in a virtual environment!
  3. Training: We’ll spend the last 90 minutes learning to apply the new voice and tone. Working from current content samples, we’ll transform the content into your new brand personality so it sparkles through the content.

Voice and Tone Playbook

After the voice and tone workshop, we will take the findings and turn them into a Voice and Tone Playbook. This playbook will be a resource that formally outlines your approach to content, as it relates to voice and tone. The playbook will include how-to examples, do’s and don’ts, tips and tricks, and more.

Content Workflow Creation

Managing a content team’s workflow is a challenging task, especially in light of a shift to virtual work. Where’s air traffic control to manage all of the project expectations, timelines and budget? Airtable, Basecamp and Slack are all helpful tools, but they aren’t a documented map to content success.

We’ve proven documented workflow works. During this workshop experience, your team will come together to decide how to create swimlanes, use project management software more efficiently and most importantly, hold each other accountable.

Time commitment: 5 hours (3 for participants)

Cost: $8,500

Participants: Usually 10-15 but will vary depending on the size of your organization

Pre-workshop call: We’ll spend time discussing your team’s strengths and how to capitalize on those during this new virtual work environment

Interviews: We’ll conduct up to 5 interviews with your team to determine gaps, friction points and challenges


First, we’ll spend some time detailing findings. Then, we’ll work together to create:

  • Role definitions: Each team member’s role has an impact on workflow and governance. By defining roles and responsibilities the workflow will take shape.
  • Content workflow: Getting content requests into the system and out in a timely, efficient manner is key to success. We will identify what the process looks like today, plus how it should ideally work to ensure creation efficiency and speed and create a swimlane to document the ideal process for web content creation.
  • Governance tools: We’ll touch upon best practices for tools that will keep everyone accountable and aligned. These may include meeting cadences, documentation and style guides.

After the workshop

We’ll give you a toolkit that will help keep your team rowing in the same direction. Because they created these tools together, you have more of a chance of implementing this new workflow with success.

Social Media for Physicians

Let’s be honest: Doctors are challenging to work with. What makes them so great at diagnosing and treating complex conditions can make them challenging when it comes to marketing and creating content. And getting them on board with following guidelines for your brand can become taxing and leave you spent.

What we’ve found is that physicians respond positively to training. It’s built into their core values to continue learning and many of them are intrigued by social media channels and how to build their personal brand.

Our workshop is designed to help them learn the basics of core content, how to build a strategy for their brand and how to use social media channels to communicate directly with their audiences.

Time commitment: 2.5 hours (90 minutes for participants)

Cost: $3,000

Participants: Up to 50

Pre-workshop conversation: We’ll spend about 30 minutes chatting about your physicians and the inspiration for the social media training 

Workshop: During the workshop we teach three distinct phases:

1) Planning

  • Ideation brainstorming and training
  • Creating a basic editorial calendar
  • Channel selection

2) Writing and Creation of Content

  • Best practices channel review
  • Selecting the best types of posts for each channel

3) Analysis

  • Using different channel analytics to evaluate channel performance.
  • How to determine which channels are working best for you

Review: After the training, we’ll regroup to discuss how the training went and how to continue momentum.

How to Know if You Need a Virtual Content Workshop

Physician training

Physicians who want to improve their social media presence to attract & retain patients?


A chaotic or nonexistent content workflow to manage project expectations, timelines & budget?

Voice and tone gaps

No consistent brand voice and tone, & no playbook to guide your team’s writing?

Writing challenges

A siloed team that needs to better understand usability, writing for mobile & social media, & how people read on screens?

Testimonials from Our Content Training Clients

“Ahava, you are a rock star! It is so hard to do this online, and you accomplished it. I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback. Thank you so much for your wisdom, awesome presentation style and flexibility!

“I got my start in health care marketing as a writer. For me, content will always be king. As we planned to build our new website, we wanted to make sure that we also built great content – and that’s exactly what working with Aha Media has produced. After going through a content workshop, our writers now feel confident that they can create compelling content that will resonate with our consumers. Even those who have years of experience took away so many vital lessons after a day with Ahava and her team. I would recommend working with AHA Media to any hospital or health system looking to take their digital content and staff competency to the next level.

Let’s create strategic content that changes lives.


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