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Content Workflow Management

Content Workflow Workshops

Things that make you go “argghhh!”

  • Content consistently gets bottlenecked by stakeholder review
  • Multiple team members review content unnecessarily and hold it up from publication
  • You know your content could be more effective than it is

How We Can Help

You’re not alone — we often hear these complaints from clients about their internal content workflow management process. But we can solve your content woes. Here’s how:

Before the workshop

We conduct one-on-one phone interviews with all of your team members who are part of the content creation process.

These conversations provide us with a holistic view of your content production efforts — the kind you just can’t get when dealing with content day-to-day. We gain an understanding of the obstacles and how to streamline or improve the process.

During the workshop

Throughout the 3-hour workshop, our content strategist maps out a new and improved content workflow process and leads your team through it. We create different workflow maps for different types of content, such as blog posts, case studies and service line pages.

After the workshop

By the end of your content workflow management training, you and your team have a tactical, easy-to-follow strategy and a centralized playbook for creating effective, goal-crushing content quickly.

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