Content Workflow Workshops

How We Can Help

You’re not alone — we often hear these complaints from clients about their internal workflow process. But we can solve your content woes. Here’s how:

Our approach

Before the workshop

We conduct one-on-one phone interviews with all of your team members who are part of the content creation process.

These conversations provide us with a holistic view of your content production efforts — the kind you just can’t get when dealing with content day-to-day. We gain an understanding of the obstacles and how to streamline or improve the process.

During the workshop

Throughout the 3-hour workshop, our content strategist maps out a new and improved content workflow process and leads your team through it. We create different workflow maps for different types of content, such as blog posts, case studies and service line pages.

After the workshop

By the end, you and your team have a tactical, easy-to-follow strategy and a centralized playbook for creating effective, goal-crushing content quickly.

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Content Training

Writing workshop to improve content production

Use a web writing workshop to train staff to write better emails and increase content downloads by 900%

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Content Strategy and Content Training

Increase Facebook traffic by 28%

Explore how we created an editorial toolkit and empowered one hospital system's content team to create content that made organic traffic and engagement on multiple channels soar.

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Testimonials from Our Workshop Clients

“The office has been buzzing all morning with positive words about [the workshop] yesterday. Thank you so much for your time and your guidance. Yesterday was fun, challenging, and eye-opening. We appreciate everything you taught us and can’t wait to put it into action. It was the best investment we could’ve made for our team.

“When faced with the overwhelming task of re-writing our website content, we asked Ahava to come teach a workshop. She gave us so much insight into how writing has changed for the web, as well as real-life exercises to help us use our new skills and to write for best SEO. She was funny and engaging and we learned so much. We’ve decided to have her out once a year to reinforce what we’ve learned. Thank you, Ahava, for teaching some old marketeers new tricks!

Let’s create strategic content that changes lives.


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