The Ultimate Guide to AI for Healthcare Marketers + Do’s and Don’ts Cheatsheet What You Need to Know
The Ultimate Guide to AI for Healthcare Marketers + Do’s and Don’ts Cheatsheet What You Need to Know

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B2B Healthcare Content Marketing

Your business is different. So are our writers.

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Drive Audience Engagement With Compelling Medical Content Writing

B2B healthcare content is challenging. You have to create engagement within complex specialties and highly regulated industries for decision-makers, subject matter experts and those who influence their buying decisions. You need factual content that ranks on SERPs, connects with your audience and enables sales. Basically, you need it all.

You need a healthcare agency partner that can navigate your field’s nuances and create copy that drives the sale. With B2B healthcare content done right, audiences will see you as a valuable resource, building credibility and loyalty. Establishing trust is one of the best ways your brand strategy can simultaneously earn new business and nurture long-term customer relationships.


Our Healthcare B2B Clients

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Building an Effective B2B Healthcare Marketing Funnel

Today’s healthcare B2B audiences have access to more information than ever before, and marketers have to manage even more touch points — digital and otherwise. What makes your brand an authority in the healthcare industry? Are your marketing efforts hitting the mark? Why should your B2B audience choose you over a competitor?

Give your target audience a reason to pay attention to your brand – and stay engaged over time. With B2B healthcare content done right, audiences will see you as a valuable resource, building credibility and loyalty. Establishing trust is one of the best ways your brand strategy can simultaneously earn new business and long-term customer relationships.

Here’s what you can expect from our healthcare marketing agency for your content writing project:

Broad, deep experience in healthcare marketing

When you partner with our content marketing agency, you tap into almost two decades of experience in healthcare writing and medical content strategy. We speak your experts’ language and transform it into healthcare content marketing that drives your audience to interact with your brand.

Content crafted to drive decisions

Your audience has multiple touch points. Understanding where, why and when they consume your content will change your content strategy and create the results you need.

Strategic marketing efforts

As a healthcare marketing agency, our promise to you is to never stop learning. Curiosity informs your entire project, from gleaning stakeholder insights to uncovering game-changing SEO data. The result: fresh, targeted web and social media content that speaks to what your target audience cares about most.

Public health marketing strategy

Clear Content Creation With a Definitive 10-Step Process

Content workflow and governance are two of the biggest challenges faced by marketing directors and content strategists. Using our create™ process, everyone on your healthcare company‘s marketing project team is engaged and knowledgeable about project goals, responsibilities and timelines.

Organization is the key to success. Get the healthcare content marketing you need — on time and on budget — with a proven process.

Award-Winning Content for B2B Healthcare Organizations

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Best Medical Content Creation Agency - USA (2)
Best Medical Content Creation Agency - USA (2)
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Case Study

How UCLA Got Real Results With Audience-Centric Content

The UCLA Hospital and Health System, based in Los Angeles, experienced increases across all metrics to their blog and social media channels with a combination of newsjacking, personal patient stories and original blog content.

Read the Case Study


More page views


Rise in submitted stories


Increase in direct traffic


New search engine referrals

Healthcare Content Products and Services

Create custom content experiences.

Content Writing

Our award-winning healthcare copywriters and editors use customer-centric language to connect to your audiences. Coupled with our client services team, we create content that inspires engagement with your brand and builds audience loyalty.

content strategy

Content Strategy

Our content strategy products and solutions help you discover and understand your content ecosystem so you can build roadmaps to your content strategy dreams. Explore our content audits and discoveries, editorial toolkits, voice and tone workshops and workflow guidelines.

content writing training

Content Training

Writing is hard. Healthcare is complex. Writing teams are challenged with SEO, UX and plain language demands. Our training workshops turn your content creation team into the healthcare communicators of today.

Building relationships and servant leadership are key components of each client engagement we have. So it is critical to align with partners who invest in strengthening both at the highest level. This is why we continue to choose Aha Media Group. Ahava brings the experience, expertise and energy to produce best-in-class healthcare content strategies for several of our clients across the country. I couldn’t be more proud to have them as an extension of our team.
Brandon Scott
Brandon Scott

Vice President of Digital, Ten Adams

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Hire an Experienced Healthcare Content Marketing Agency

Whether you need content for a promotional campaign, a go-to-market strategy or a full rewrite for a website redesign, you need a partner who gets it.  We’ve worked with over 200 B2B and B2C healthcare companies, giving us insight into your needs and your audience’s needs. 

Our team applies industry expertise in hospitals, healthcare systems, health tech, med device, pharma, payers, government and public health to produce content strategy and writing that supports your marketing plan. We’ve worked on projects of all sizes — from massive website redesigns to service line-specific rewrites, to smaller, short-term campaigns.

Hire an agency with expertise in B2B healthcare content that hits the ground running.


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