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Create a Seamless Content Marketing Strategy

A better strategy gets you better results.

Build a strong content strategy by assessing what you have, what your audience needs and what you can deliver.

Transform your marketing efforts and improve results with a defined strategy and expert implementation.


Case Study

How Geisinger Used Content Strategy to Transform Marketing

Armed with a clearly defined content strategy, the Geisinger team collaborated with Aha Media’s team to address low social media engagement and content gaps for their wellness program.

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Increase in traffic to wellness section


Average growth to all social media channels


Rise in patient engagement


Traffic to new Instagram channel

Content Discovery & Analysis

Measure what matters with content audits and assessments. Find out what you have, what’s missing, and what actions you can take to get results across your marketing channels.

Strategic Content Assessments

Evaluate the overall quality and clarity of your content and receive actionable recommendations. We identify content opportunities and best practices and help you take the next step toward development and implementation.

Competitive Gap Analysis

Analyze how your competitors’ content is performing. We’ll identify where opportunities exist and present key areas for content development within your organization.

Multidimensional Content Maps

See how your web pages and content map perform, together with a visual understanding that incorporates analytics data, page evaluation and workflow processes. With this new content performance data in hand, we make recommendations for new opportunities.

Build Content Experiences That Matter

Content marketing is about building useful content your audiences rely on. The content marketing publications you present to your audience attract and retain patients and customers.

  • Websites & Landing Pages
  • E-books & Whitepapers
  • Blogs & Newsletters
  • Annual Reports & Publications

Develop a better content marketing strategy with a content strategist who specializes in understanding your audience, goals and industry.

Building relationships and servant leadership are key components of each client engagement we have. So, it is critical to align with partners who invest in strengthening both at the highest level. This is why we continue to choose Aha Media Group. Ahava brings the experience, expertise and energy to produce best-in-class healthcare content strategies for several of our clients across the country. I couldn’t be more proud to have them as an extension of our team.

Brandon Scott
Brandon Scott

Vice President, Digital, Ten Adams

Create Content With Purpose. Use An Editorial Toolkit.

Answer the questions your audience is asking with an editorial toolkit, built in collaboration with your team during a day-long workshop.

Power your marketing team and long-term strategy with information and data. Improve your content marketing efforts by creating content with purpose.

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Persona Development

Understand your audience using personas. Together, we build a 3D picture of your potential customer and a journey map that informs content creation.

Identity Pillars

Learn which messages resonate with your audience and align to your brand’s personality. Identity pillars help you align business objectives to your personas.

Messaging Architecture

Develop a clear matrix of messages vital to your brand, along with proof points. Arm your writers with consistent messaging and data to help reinforce concepts.

Voice and Tone

Create a voice and tone grid that helps your content creators stay within a framework. Set clear expectations so you can deliver consistent, clear and compassionate messaging.

Editorial Calendar

Manage your resources, people and messages effectively with a strategic editorial calendar that identifies publication windows, messaging points, and a roadmap for the year.

Build Better Workflows With Content Governance

You need consistent, coherent and controlled content. Learn how to manage content workflows that ensure an organized and methodical approach to content production and publication.


Transform Your Strategy With Content Resources

How to Be Clear During COVID-19

How to Be Clear During COVID-19

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Increase the results of your marketing efforts with a strategic approach to content marketing.

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