The Ultimate Guide to AI for Healthcare Marketers + Do’s and Don’ts Cheatsheet What You Need to Know
The Ultimate Guide to AI for Healthcare Marketers + Do’s and Don’ts Cheatsheet What You Need to Know

Align Your Content Marketing Strategy

Healthcare Content Audit Services

Keeping track of content on multiple channels is not easy. Juggling your website, blog, email and social accounts without a clear strategy can lead to underperformance and overwhelm. We help you assess and document your content strategy to get the most from your content across channels.

Get Custom-Made Tools and Hands-On Support

Optimize your content efforts on all fronts. Our team assesses your content quality, workflows and performance with an SEO and content audit that puts strategy first. Gain confidence in your content and get the tools your team needs.

Turn to a healthcare content agency that uses data to inform content strategies.

Align Your Channels

Tie your content efforts together with a cohesive strategy that reflects your goals.

Is your healthcare content marketing providing value to your audience?

Streamline Your Processes

Get insights into your workflows and recommendations to make collaboration seamless.

Get clear healthcare content writing for website redesigns

Maximize Content Performance

Use each channel to the fullest with best practices that drive reliable results.

Content Strategy Audits

From inconsistent messaging to neglected channels, most healthcare content issues can be traced back to a disjointed strategy. Fix your content challenges at the source. Learn how our team can help you create, document and execute an effective content strategy.

360° Discovery ❯

The All-in-One Healthcare Content Audit

Understand how your content performs across channels, from website to social to email marketing. The 360 Discovery paints a clear picture of your multichannel content marketing efforts and outlines next steps for your team.

Know exactly what your digital content is doing for your organization and find areas of improvement.


  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Sitewide SEO audit
  • Qualitative audit
  • Channel assessments
  • Analytics review
  • Competitive gap analysis

Get a Multichannel Healthcare Content Audit

Social Media Audit & Governance Toolkit ❯

Streamline Your Social Media Marketing

When you’re juggling so many social media accounts, it’s challenging for your brand to show up consistently online.

We audit each of your social media platforms to find inconsistencies and help you align your efforts. The Social Media Audit & Governance Toolkit brings you key insights and custom tools to strengthen your account management processes.


  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Qualitative social media audit
  • Analytics review
  • Channel best practices and workflows
  • Social media account management tools
  • Competitor insights
  • Ongoing quarterly audits

Get Social Media Marketing Support

Editorial Toolkit ❯

Define and Document Your Brand’s Content Marketing Strategy

Are you reinventing the wheel for each new piece of content? Revisit the foundation of your brand to create aligned messaging and save time.

Our team helps you distill the essence of your organization into a roadmap for consistent, effective content on every channel. Gain a deeper understanding of your brand identity, audience and messaging.


  • 360 Discovery Report
  • Marketing personas
  • Key messaging statements
  • Voice & tone guidelines
  • Team training
  • Quarterly check-ins

Get Healthcare Brand Messaging Help

Content Workflow Guidelines ❯

Custom Tools for Easy Collaboration

You know there’s room for more efficiency in your content processes. But it’s hard to diagnose the sore spots and streamline the workflow you’ve always used.

Partner with us to invite more productivity into your workflow. We create custom guidelines that help your team navigate each content creation step, from ideation to publication to measurement and maintenance.


  • Content assessment
  • Role definitions
  • Workflow diagrams
  • Team training
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Quarterly check-ins

Get Content Marketing Workflow Support

Content Support Services ❯

Flexible Copywriting and Content Strategy Services

Do your team’s copywriting and strategy needs vary month to month? Think of Aha Media Group as your ongoing content partner.

Work with us as needed, without being limited by a defined number of content pieces or monthly hours you “use or lose.” Get the exact amount of support you need, every month, with partners that feel like your in-house team.


  • Copywriting
  • Content audits
  • Content strategy consulting
  • Performance analysis
  • SEO analysis and recommendations

Outsource Your Healthcare Content Needs

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Case Study

Henry Ford Health

The LiveWell Team at Henry Ford Health saw an 800% spike in traffic after a full content audit. This increase came from a multi-channel content strategy built on the findings of our audit.

Read the Case Study


Increase in traffic

Aha Media Group is a healthcare content agency that works with hospitals and health systems.
Aha Media’s expertise in healthcare content strategy was a game-changer for our merged health system. They transformed our website, showcasing our wide range of services with a patient-focused, easy-to-navigate design. Their thorough approach left no stone unturned, optimizing our content for search and elevating our quality healthcare offerings. Highly recommended!
Top 10 Largest Health System

Our Impact

Your Content Audit Partners

It feels vulnerable to get an outsider’s perspective on your organization. It isn’t easy to receive feedback on the content strategy you worked hard to create and implement.

At Aha Media Group, we respect your team’s efforts and recognize the trust you place in us. Our content audits for healthcare organizations ease the burden on your team and help you consistently achieve your goals.

Hospital and healthcare clients

Healthcare content marketing projects

Years of experience auditing healthcare content

About Aha Media Group, Your Healthcare SEO Team

Optimize your healthcare content strategy with a team of skilled health writers and strategists. Aha Media Group was founded in 2004 to expand the pool of patient-centric healthcare information online. Clear, empathetic content and savvy strategy connect patients to the care they need and health organizations to the solutions they’re looking for.

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Audit and Improve Your Healthcare Content Performance

Explore our top 3 resources about healthcare content marketing.

Optimize Your Healthcare Content: Understanding the 4 Types of SEO

Optimize Your Healthcare Content: Understanding the 4 Types of SEO

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But one thing we know without a doubt? Why SEO is important in healthcare. An optimized website brings in more leads. More leads can mean more patients, customers…

SEO Cheatsheet for Content Marketers

SEO Cheatsheet for Content Marketers

SEO Content Guidelines At Aha Media, we go beyond creating compelling content – we make sure it reaches its audience potential. Our team follows SEO best practices with all the content we produce for our clients. So we decided to bring our SEO experts together and create SEO content guidelines…

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Wondering Where to Start?

Not sure which content audit offers the greatest impact for your team? Speak to a strategist to map out the next step for your hospital or healthcare organization.

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