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Content marketing and content strategy with a sometimes healthcare twist.

Stay updated on the latest in content strategy and content marketing. You’ll find tips on content creation, digital strategy, SEO, content strategy and content marketing.

The Main Street vs. The Alleyway: Understanding the Differences Between Web and Blog Content

My husband and I went to Italy for our honeymoon 10 years ago. We arrived in Rome early in the morning, bleary-eyed and disoriented from an overnight transatlantic flight. After depositing our luggage at our hotel, we went for a walk down one of the city’s main streets. We wanted to understand the different parts… Read more

How Content-ED Are You?

Recently, I’ve been signing my emails with “Hoping you’re Content-ED.” It’s cutesy—but with purpose. Content-ED is a new program we’re offering at Aha Media Group. It’s a 1:1 training program for content strategists, content marketers and other content professionals who need coaching and guidance to help navigate challenging content projects and issues. How it Works… Read more

What’s a Language Board? Does it Matter?

LOL! FOMO. Bigly. (That’s a real word, shockingly.) Language is always changing. It’s an adaptive technology designed so humans can communicate with each other. But when creating content, urging stakeholders to understand a customer’s language takes work and careful planning. One handy tool we use is a language board. It helps to clarify key concepts,… Read more

Meet Our New Website

This spring we did something I thought was completely in our wheelhouse: We redesigned and rewrote Aha Media Group’s website. Rewriting a website? This is literally our day job. We got this in the bag. We often criticize clients for taking so long with content, but you know what? After we had a 3-month delay… Read more

Content Marketing World Recap

Last week was fun! First, I had the pleasure of speaking at Content Marketing World for the 7th year in a row. Second, I was also honored to be included in Lee Odden’s 2017 list of 50 Influential Women in Content Marketing, alongside Aha Media’s team member and content strategist, Anna Hrach. At CMW I… Read more