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Content Writing

From digital to print, web portal to blog, we create keyword-rich copy that speaks to your audiences and fits into your strategic content initiatives. We follow web writing best practices by always prioritizing plain language and SEO.

Content Strategy

Position your brand as the No. 1 choice for care with a healthcare content marketing strategy that includes content audits, competitive gap analysis, content mapping, editorial toolkits and content governance.

Content Training

Train your writers, communicators and marketers to create award-winning, empathetic, ROI-driving healthcare content. Take part in our virtual training seminars and topic workshops.

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New Resource:
Healthcare SEO Cheatsheet

As a healthcare communicator, you think about your patients when you’re writing — but what about when you’re doing SEO research?

When you understand consumer intent and what patients are looking for, you can guide them directly to your content. ​​​​Our new checklist outlines exactly how to do that.

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The Right Writers For Healthcare

Access content writers who know how to wrangle confusing medical jargon confusing medical jargon, passive voice and challenging personalities with ease.

Collaborate with writers who know how to craft consumer-friendly content that satisfies you and your stakeholders.

No matter the industry, our content combines plain language with stakeholder insights to deliver search optimized information to the right audiences.

When you need clear healthcare content:

  • Build trust
  • Build awareness
  • Build kindness
  • Build community

And turn people into patients.


Healthcare Providers

Increase patient engagement and physician recognition with content created specifically for clinics, providers and private practices.


Elevate your organization’s message and improve patient engagement and satisfaction across your healthcare system with clear, audience-centered content.


Use plain language to provide clear content to your constituents and the public that promotes community safety and regulatory compliance.

Healthcare Technology

Improve access to healthcare by offering user-friendly content that increases utilization and successful health initiatives.


Case Study

How Penn Medicine Got Skyrocketing Results With Audience-Centric Content

Penn Medicine saw significant increases in traffic to their Heart and Vascular pages because of UX- and SEO-optimized content.

Read the Case Study


New Users


Organic Sessions


Increase in Traffic


Increase in SERP Rankings

Meet the Team Behind Great Content Strategy

As a healthcare marketer, you want audience-centric content that supports your messaging and improves patient engagement. Work with a dedicated project team that delivers healthcare marketing and writing expertise every time.

By combining a robust content management process with stakeholder interviews, we create award-winning content that delivers on your healthcare marketing goals for your audience.

Meet the Team

Aha Media is a critical piece of our blog’s continued success. In the last year, we’ve quadrupled our page traffic, more than doubled our engagement metrics and became one of the main sources for organic traffic to overall. I am grateful for the quality of work Aha Media produces. Their work is consistent, and the process is very turnkey. In a time when many things are uncertain and often overly complicated, we appreciate being able to rely on this aspect of our work as a constant.
Brooke Hess

Marketing Manager | Content Strategy & Promotions at Henry Ford Health System

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Cut through the deluge of content and go right to the source for the resources you need to inform and transform your content marketing strategy. Explore everything you need to know about plain language, healthcare consumerism, physician marketing, and more. 

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A Personal Connection to Healthcare Content

Ahava Leibtag, Founder and CEO, experienced the failure of content when diagnosed with a life-threatening illness in 2004. The jargon-filled, convoluted materials she came across drove her to devote her content writing and strategy knowledge to creating patient-centric, accessible healthcare content. This experience was one reason Ahava became an outspoken advocate for plain language, especially in healthcare marketing.

Today, Ahava has more than 20 years of experience in writing, messaging and marketing. Ahava is an industry-recognized content expert and strategist, thought leader, entrepreneur, and author. As a marketing strategy leader in the healthcare industry, Ahava was inducted into the Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame as an Innovative Individual in 2020.

She loves ice cream, knows all the words to “Aliens” by heart and is an avid jigsaw puzzler.

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