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We’re on a mission to deliver clear healthcare content to your readers.

We help healthcare marketers detangle the complex web of content challenges and create engaging content that spurs your audience to act.

Give your readers the information they need to feel supported, informed and confident in their next health-related decision. Partner with the industry’s leading healthcare marketing content agency.

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Solve Content Challenges

Navigate the complexity of content marketing with a leading digital and print communications consultancy, keyed into your customers’ needs.

Devise Digital Strategy

Collaborate to design an effective and comprehensive digital strategy that aligns with business objectives and accounts for your audience and team strengths.

Create Persuasive Content

Conceive and produce content that is informative, helpful and drives your readers to convert — getting them what they need and helping your organization grow.

Empower People

Present your readers with clear, informative healthcare content so they can make the most important decisions of their lives.


The Stats Behind Data-Driven Healthcare Marketing


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Meet Healthcare Marketing’s Leading Content Strategists

With more than 20 years of experience devising patient-centric healthcare content strategy for hospitals, clinics, providers and nonprofits, CEO & Founder Ahava Leibtag is known throughout the healthcare marketing industry for her innovative and effective content strategy development.

After facing a life-threatening illness in 2004, Ahava launched Aha Media Group, recruiting dozens of talented content creators equally passionate about creating clear healthcare content.

Meet the Team

I’ve grown more in 4 years at Aha Media Group than I did in 12 at my previous job. This company drives you to be better — and supports your personal and family goals as well. Working at Aha Media Group helps me have my cake and eat it, too!
jena triggs
Jena G. Triggs


Our Healthcare Content Marketing Services

Support your sales cycle and increase your bottom line with content that meets your audience where they are and drives them to convert.


We create compelling healthcare-focused content for print and digital media.

Content Strategy

We design robust and results-driven healthcare content strategies for you and your audience.


We teach you and your team how to create great content and architect data-driven content strategy.

Are You Passionate About Healthcare Content?

Join us to create digital content and content strategy for some of the most well-known organizations.

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How We Make Everyday Decisions

Every choice we make is influenced by a shared commitment to our core values.

As a team, Aha Media group strives to create helpful healthcare content, work efficiently together and have fun while providing value to our clients and their communities.

  • Go above and beyond, no matter what, every single time
  • A meaningful life supports meaningful work
  • Be impeccable with your words and your intentions
  • Stay curious longer
  • Always be learning

Our ProLiteracy Partnership

By partnering with ProLiteracy, we help support adults around the world in improving their literacy skills. It’s part of our commitment to helping people make the most important decisions of their lives with clear content.

Each time someone sends us a referral that leads to a client, we make a donation to ProLiteracy.

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How to Be Clear During COVID-19

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