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Get clear healthcare content marketing that drives your business goals forward. Aha Media Group has unparalleled experience in the healthcare industry, including: patient engagement, blogs, social media, medical marketing, service line content, B2B healthcare and health tech, healthcare SEO, content strategy and more.

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In today’s digital marketplace, you have to be an expert in so many different areas. Even within content, there are varied areas of expertise: SEO, content design, UX writing, content strategy, patient engagement and medical marketing. It’s challenging to find agencies who own the content space and marry the latest best practices in health literacy and UX with stellar writing on the page.

Our agency focuses on healthcare content only: all day, every day. We only write content, create content strategies and train other content creators in best practices. When you work with us, you get people who have a laser-like focus on healthcare content creation and content marketing strategies.

Our team applies industry expertise in healthcare, hospitals, health tech, government and public health to produce medical digital marketing that supports your business objectives.

Our Healthcare Content Marketing Clients

Aha Media Group, a healthcare content agency, has worked with Abbott.
Aha Media Group, a healthcare marketing firm, has worked with Pomelo.

Our Healthcare Content Products and Services

Navigate the complexities of healthcare marketing content with an expert partner.

Content Writing

Our award-winning healthcare copywriters and editors use customer-centric language to connect to your audiences. Coupled with our client services team, we create quality content that inspires engagement with your brand and builds audience loyalty.

content strategy

Content Strategy

Our healthcare content marketing strategy products help you discover and understand your content ecosystem so you can build roadmaps to your content strategy dreams. Explore our content audits and discoveries, editorial toolkits, voice and tone workshops and workflow guidelines.

content writing training

Content Training

Writing is hard. Healthcare is complex. Writing teams are challenged with SEO, UX and plain language demands. Our training workshops turn your content creation team into the healthcare communicators of today.

We were looking for a partner that not only specialized in healthcare writing and project management, but also had true expertise in SEO strategy and best practices. Aha Media’s content process was seamless and has elevated the visibility of our website content both regionally and nationally.

Sarah Hetzel

Senior Marketing Manager, Penn Medicine

UCLA health


Case Study

How UCLA Got Real Results With Audience-Centric Content

The UCLA Hospital and Health System, based in Los Angeles, experienced increases across all metrics to their blog and social media channels with a combination of newsjacking, personal patient stories and original blog content.

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More page views


Rise in submitted stories


Increase in direct traffic


New search engine referrals

The Case for Authentic Healthcare Content Marketing

Today, authenticity in marketing is more important than ever. If your healthcare brand isn’t showing its vulnerability and realness, it’s probably getting left behind. Consumers want empathy, humanness and honesty from brands, and your content marketing is the place to show it.

Whether your goals are around current patient engagement, reaching new and prospective patients, physician marketing or increasing your authority in the healthcare sector, it all starts with communication that is clear and authentic.

If you want to affect change but need greater resources to get it done, that’s where we come in. Our team of writers and editors will stand behind your groundbreaking healthcare content marketing strategy and back you every step of the way.

Let’s Talk About Your Goals

How to Inspire an Effective Healthcare Content Marketing Culture

There are three ways to inspire a content marketing culture in any organization—no matter the industry, size or people involved. We use the word inspire deliberately because you should be excited about using this methodology to spark and sustain conversations with your target audiences. Inspiration is a word that suggests momentum and dynamism, and we want you to feel inspired.

Here are three effective solutions for inspiring a content marketing culture AND keeping the naysayers at bay:

  1. Set expectations: Any strategic, sound content marketing pilot project is going to take six to nine months to show measurable results. If it takes shorter, celebrate the wins! However, most companies will see that it takes time to move the needle. Let people know you’re in it for the long haul, so they won’t stop proselytizing apocalyptic digital doom too soon.
  2. Define roles: In absolutely every publishing organization (and if you’re doing content marketing, you’re a publisher), everyone who touches content needs to understand the role they play in the process. So, follow the chart below to define everyone’s roles. The people in supportive roles should feel direct influence over the success of the content marketing campaign, as well as a general sense of satisfaction that comes from taking part in a larger undertaking.
  3. Define emotional roles: This one is most important, I think, but I leave it for last because it’s hard to understand until you try tactics 1 and 2. There are people who don’t want to be visionary and embrace a new, strategic approach to digital communications and content. For the people who are excited, and who do want to beat the drum, you need to provide a place in their head to file the professionals slower to change. Everyone needs to know where he or she falls in the details vs. vision, content creator vs. keeper of the brand roles.

If you’re doing healthcare content marketing the way it should be done, there are going to be people within your corporate culture who may not be 100 percent supportive. That’s OK. Set their expectations to ignite an inspirational culture destined for healthcare content marketing success.

Guide to Picking the Right Content Type

Producing unbeatable content takes hard work and strong planning. But with strong guidelines for how to do so, you can find that great content becomes easier and more delightful to create.

Download this guide to find detailed instructions and insider secrets for producing:

  • Videos
  • Long form content
  • FAQs
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • And more


Keep Learning With Healthcare Content Marketing Resources

At Aha Media Group, we never stop learning. We never stop sharing our learnings, either. Stay up-to-date with the latest advice, insights and research on healthcare content marketing topics.

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