The Ultimate Guide to AI for Healthcare Marketers + Do’s and Don’ts Cheatsheet What You Need to Know
The Ultimate Guide to AI for Healthcare Marketers + Do’s and Don’ts Cheatsheet What You Need to Know
2023 was the year of acronyms: ChatGPT, AI and LLMs. Despite all this alphabet soup, we’re predicting 2024 will be the year of plain language. Industry experts agree.

Earlier this year, we ran a B2B marketing study to understand the impact of clear communication on healthcare decision-makers. Our study clearly showed that B2B decision-makers not only prefer plain language — but that it inspires them to act. We found:

Blog featured image plain language
  • 80% of respondents prefer marketing content written in plain language.
  • 73% would schedule a demo after reading plain language materials, versus 44% for non-plain language materials.
  • 68% would download a white paper after reading a plain language teaser, versus 22% for a non-plain language teaser.

What do these findings mean for B2B marketers in 2024? We asked experts to weigh in on the importance of plain language.

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1. Healthcare leaders benefit from plain language

There’s a reason why 4 in 5 healthcare decision-makers in our study preferred easy-to-understand marketing materials. Clear marketing serves physicians and busy leaders better than technical, heavy writing.

Healthcare decision-makers have their hands (and minds) full. Clear, easy-to-understand writing saves them time and makes problem-solving easier, according to Elizabeth Stricker.

“The healthcare industry is in one of the most serious financial crises it has ever seen. Healthcare leaders are short on time, under pressure from all sides and continually juggling countless problems.

If marketers use clear language to talk to healthcare leaders, they are not talking down to them — they are saving them mental work in what is already a mentally overloaded day. The takeaway: Using clear, engaging language gets healthcare leaders’ attention, saves them mental work and makes it easier to solve problems.”

Elizabeth Stricker
B2B and B2C Healthcare Writer

2. But clear communication isn’t only important in healthcare

We surveyed B2B healthcare marketers in our study, but our findings may have a broader application. Some truths about healthcare leaders extend to executives and decision-makers in general: They’re busy, spread thin and looking for the best solution to their problems.

Clear and actionable language can be helpful for everyone. As Andy Crestodina at Orbit Media says, “It’s just how brains work.”

“I love most that you connected [the study] to action. This was the most important insight, in my opinion … ‘How likely would you be to reach out to the company to learn more based on this description?’

That’s huge! This really is important research, and I’m not sure that it’s limited to healthcare. It’s just how brains work and should apply across categories.


Andy Crestodina
Orbit Media
This makes plain language a skill all B2B marketers should master in 2024, according to Robert Rose at CMI. (If you haven’t already, learn how to write in plain language.)
“What I appreciate so much about this research is that while Aha Media Group focused on healthcare, speaking simply and in plain language is an approach every B2B marketer should learn. As the research points out, it’s not dumbing things down; it’s just being clear. It’s something that we try to imbue in every B2B client we serve. As I often say (paraphrasing Einstein), when creating marketing, communicate as simply as possible, but not simpler.”
Robert Rose
Chief Troublemaker at The Content Advisory & Chief Strategy Advisor at Content Marketing Institute

3. Plain language differentiates you in an AI-writing world

As AI continues to expand, unregulated, it brings up a fair concern — how long until our inboxes or social feeds are taken over by AI writing? (Or is it already happening?)

You may have heard that Merriam-Webster announced “authentic” as 2023’s Word of the Year. But our team at Aha Media believes authenticity of content will be even more significant in 2024. Hear from Ahava:

ahava leibtag of aha media group
Distinguishing between authentic content and AI content will grow in importance in 2024. Content creators must use plain language to connect to audiences. Work with your stakeholders to ensure content is accessible, friendly, authentic and clear.”
Ahava Leibtag
Founder & President, Aha Media Group

4. Customer-centric communication converts — and competes

The most important reason to commit to a plain language approach in 2024? It works.

There are other studies on readers’ preference for plain language and at least one usability study that targeted highly educated readers. But our study focused on the effectiveness of plain language for that audience.

Rob Klein at Klein & Partners and Jared Wilkinson at Doximity share the two most important takeaways from our research:

“What do strong brands and marriages have in common? Clear communication. Strong brands clearly communicate with their (prospective) customers using common language that doesn’t overtax our already overheated brains. If you want to win over new B2B customers, read Aha Media’s latest research study. As a researcher and business builder, I have already taken ideas from this research to improve our communication efforts.”
Robert Klein
Founder & CEO, Klein & Partners
“This research originated by the amazing team at Aha Media shows that not only is plain language preferred in B2B marketing, but it’s a competitive advantage. As we move into an era with even more complex innovations in marketing, the challenge to communicate effectively will be the ‘clear’ path to success.”
Jared Wilkinson
GM, Hospital Solutions at Doximity

Ready to add plain language to your strategy in 2024?

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