Clarity is a competitive advantage

B2B Healthcare Marketing Study: Use Plain Language to Your Advantage

We surveyed more than 150 healthcare professionals to find out how clear marketing content impacts buying decisions. Here’s what we found.

What if you could increase demo bookings by 29% — or more than double your white paper downloads — by changing the language you use to communicate with B2B buyers?

Healthcare professionals are a sophisticated audience. But that doesn’t mean complex, highly technical content is the best way to communicate with them.

In a 2023 study of B2B healthcare marketing trends, we found that 80% of decision-makers prefer to read marketing materials written in plain language. Clear and concise content wins, even when you’re marketing to physicians, executives or engineers.

In partnership with Mantis Research, Aha Media Group set out to understand how (and to what degree) our language impacts B2B buying decisions. This report shares our findings.

In the report, you’ll find:

  • Direct insights from decision-makers about their preferences
  • B2B healthcare marketing statistics supporting clear content
  • Examples of technical content and plain language alternatives
  • What “plain language” means and how to apply it
  • “Aha” moments about the behavior of B2B purchasing teams

Discover why your content may not be working — and find out how to get stakeholders on board with using plain language in B2B healthcare marketing.

Graphic showing that 80% of people surveyed prefer plain language

Make plain language your competitive advantage.

ahava leibtag of aha media group

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