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Turn Hospital Website Content into Social Media Material: 10 Examples

You’ve probably created a ton of coronavirus content in the last few months. You likely published it on your website so users can find it in just a few clicks. But what if your audience isn’t looking there? Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, social media usage has ramped up. On Facebook, U.S. traffic to other… Read more

On the Social Media Marketing Frontlines of COVID-19

This is a guest post from Chloe Politis, Director of Digital and Social Media at the Mount Sinai Health System. She’s sharing her experience as a healthcare marketer amid COVID-19.

5 Examples of a Health Infographic Done Right

“Infographics are dead!” they shout. Far from it. Over the past 4 years, infographics usage has increased a staggering 65% among B2B marketers (Hubspot). They’re hardly dead — you just have to know how to use them effectively. The Power of the Picture Wield your infographics wisely, and you shall be rewarded. Consumers gobble up… Read more

How Do You Stay on Top of the Social Media Game?

So, you finally master your Sunday morning pancake recipe. Fluffy and moist with the perfect amount of sweetness. Then you decide to add chocolate chips, and they get even better! Sometimes, when you get something right, your best bet is to do it again, only with a little more love (or chocolate chips). Last summer,… Read more

The 10 Best Hospitals on Instagram

A picture can be worth a thousand words — and followers — on Instagram. Is your hospital down with the ‘Gram? Surprisingly, some of the biggest hospitals today are missing the opportunity to achieve a promotional slam-dunk. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 hospitals you should be following — and how their strategies can help your organization become an Instagram rockstar, too.

Beyond Plain Language: Using Interactive Content to Improve Health Literacy

Only one in 10 adults has the skills to obtain, process and use online health information. Even people with advanced skills can have difficulty when they are dealing with stress or illness. In the five years since the Affordable Care Act set the stage for improving health literacy, health care organizations across the country have… Read more

Make Sure your Hospital is Prepared for an Emergency

Updated January 28, 2020 Summertime usually means hurricanes, strong storms and other natural disasters. If you’re a healthcare marketer, it’s a good idea to be prepared. It’s important to understand that social media is simply a set of technologies that allow for the widespread distribution of content. We have talked about using social media to create a… Read more

Health Emergencies: 5 Top Ways to Manage with Social Media

Updated January 28, 2020 If you’re a hospital, community health center or other public health organization, your social media strategy should include a contingency plan for disasters and health emergencies. Ask yourself this question: Would you wait for the morning paper to get the latest news on the impending storm, if all of your friends… Read more