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Tag: Hospital marketing

How Often Should You Refresh Your Healthcare Content?

Ahh. That’s your sigh of relief after your hospital website rewrite or redesign is complete. Enjoy basking in the glow of that sleek, SEO-infused site. So check that project off your to-do list but maybe not in permanent marker. You WILL need to refresh your content again — and you may need to do it… Read more

5 Hospitals Crushing it on Social Media

Is someone searching your hospital on social media going to be wowed by what they find — the warmth, reassurance and sparkling personality? If the answer is no — fret not, we’re here for you! These social media tips for hospital marketers will help you power up your social channels and attract new consumers. And… Read more

4 Ways to Make an Impact with Patient Stories

When my son, Jack, was 14 months old, we learned he had a rare heart condition called a double aortic arch, or vascular ring. The condition is marked by an extra branch that stems from the heart and encircles the esophagus and trachea almost like a vise. The result: Kids sound like a truck motor… Read more

Unconventional Ideas for Hospital Content

Unconventional Ideas for Hospital Content I was thinking recently about a Bob Dylan line: “He not busy being born is busy dying.” There’s a challenge in those words that resonates with me. If I look at my day, my week, my year – how much time do I spend “being born,” seeking out moments that… Read more

The Top 10 Hospital and Health Insurance Commercials of 2017

The best commercials of 2017 do more than sell a product or service: They make you feel things. Commercials can be humorous, poignant, evocative, inspiring or thoughtful. (And sometimes all of that.) They tell a powerful story – and do it in under a minute. Last year, we rounded up the 10 best commercials of… Read more

People Who Are A Little Sick Need Empathy Too: 5 Hard Truths

As a health content writer, putting myself in someone else’s shoes helps me write compassionate, informative content about some really awful diseases. I tinker with prose ad nauseam to describe sophisticated treatments in ways people can actually understand. But I have a confession to make. I’ve been giving people with less serious health problems the… Read more

Why is Healthcare Digital Strategy Setting Marketing Strategy?

Several of our healthcare clients have confided that they have a rather large challenge within their organizations. Digital strategists are setting overall marketing and content strategy. That might be problematic, for a lot of reasons. Why is this happening? And how can we fix it? (And, it is happening to you?) Fix This Foundational Problem… Read more

Using Pinterest in Hospital Marketing: A Case Study

We talk about innovation a lot in healthcare marketing. But how often do we see it IRL (in real life)? That’s why I was blown away when I saw Jen Jenkins and Kelley Whalen’s presentation about their Pinterest campaigns for the University of Utah Health Care. They started with 10 followers in 2012, and grew… Read more

The Top 10 Hospital Commercials of 2016

It’s that time of year again—to reflect on the year that was and the year that will be. 2016 will certainly go down in the record books. Here at Aha Media, we take time to reflect on the year in hospital commercials in order to bring you the top commercials, as we’ve done since 2012…. Read more

10 Secrets of Content Marketing Revealed (free eBook)

The #1 question I get asked about content marketing is:  How do I sell it to my bosses? Well now you have some answers. In our new eBook, 10 Content Marketing Answers For Healthcare CMOs, we give you all the information you need to convince your executives and teams that content marketing is a long-term strategy… Read more