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5 Hospitals Crushing it on Social Media

Is someone searching your hospital on social media going to be wowed by what they find — the warmth, reassurance and sparkling personality? If the answer is no — fret not, we’re here for you! These social media tips for hospital marketers will help you power up your social channels and attract new consumers. And… Read more

Chris Boyer: Healthcare Social Media Rockstar

If you’re in hospital marketing, you have to know Chris Boyer. Chris understands the shifting landscape of healthcare marketing. As he says, “Digital is the glue that binds together an organization.” You can hear Chris every week on his Touchpoint podcast with Reed Smith, but for now, learn more about Chris’ background, his predictions for… Read more

Using Pinterest in Hospital Marketing: A Case Study

We talk about innovation a lot in healthcare marketing. But how often do we see it IRL (in real life)? That’s why I was blown away when I saw Jen Jenkins and Kelley Whalen’s presentation about their Pinterest campaigns for the University of Utah Health Care. They started with 10 followers in 2012, and grew… Read more

Your Hospital on Facebook Recommendations

Fact: People like to take advice and recommendations from friends and family. Well, Facebook is actually turning that into…wait for it…an app for that. What does Facebook Recommendations mean for you as a hospital marketer? (Also, don’t forget to download our eBook: 10 Content Marketing Answers for Healthcare CMOs.) What is Facebook Recommendations? Facebook Recommendations… Read more

Is Your Hospital Ready for Snapchat?

Snapchat, chatbots, Facebook Live…is your hospital ready? After you read our summer ebook, you will be. We’ve interviewed 10 healthcare social media rock stars and asked them what keeps them up at night — and what makes them excited to go to work the next day. Read more here.

The 10 Best Hospitals on Instagram

A picture can be worth a thousand words — and followers — on Instagram. Is your hospital down with the ‘Gram? Surprisingly, some of the biggest hospitals today are missing the opportunity to achieve a promotional slam-dunk. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 hospitals you should be following — and how their strategies can help your organization become an Instagram rockstar, too.

Why More Hospitals Should be on Snapchat

Teens and college students are typically ignored by hospital marketers. That is quickly coming to an end, thanks to the rise of social media designed to build reputations that last a lifetime. Think about it: Teens spend about 6.5 hours interacting with media daily, according to a recent report by Common Sense Media. Are you paying attention to them?

Cynthia Manley: Healthcare Social Media Rockstar

Cynthia Manley and I met on Twitter many years ago. Both active in hashtags like #hcsm and #hcmktg, Cynthia and I would retweet each other’s stuff and sometimes have side conversations. Cynthia is one of the pioneers in hospitals and social media. She was one of the first to promote her hospital using Facebook. Cynthia… Read more