The Ultimate Guide to AI for Healthcare Marketers + Do’s and Don’ts Cheatsheet What You Need to Know
The Ultimate Guide to AI for Healthcare Marketers + Do’s and Don’ts Cheatsheet What You Need to Know

Optimize Your Website Content

Healthcare Content Strategy

How can you tell if your website content is working? If there’s room for improvement, where should you start? Our team helps you objectively assess your website and create a step-by-step optimization plan.

Get Meaningful Insights and Recommendations

Find hidden opportunities to boost your site traffic and conversion rates. We bring you insights that paint a clear picture and tactics that get you results.

Turn to a healthcare content agency that uses data to inform content strategies.

Search Engine Optimization

Understand what it takes to outpace competitors in web traffic and local search.

Is your healthcare content marketing providing value to your audience?

User Experience

Map out and take steps toward creating a seamless user journey on your site.

Get clear healthcare content writing for website redesigns

Conversion Rate Optimization

Find out what’s preventing conversions on your webpages and blog posts.

Website Content Strategy Support

It’s always a good time to strengthen your content marketing strategy, but the best time for a refresh is before you start a new campaign or redesign. Let’s lay the groundwork now so your next move is successful.

InSITE Findings™

Sitewide Audit & Strategic Recommendations Report

If you’re picking up your marketing efforts or preparing for a redesign, start with a clear understanding of your current site.

InSITE Findings™ is an intensive audit of your website. We assess all of your web content and share holistic recommendations that align with your organization’s goals. You walk away with a prioritized list of action items that drive results.


  • Sitewide SEO audit
  • Qualitative audit
  • Information architecture
  • Analytics deep-dive
  • Competitor gap analysis
  • Stakeholder interviews

Website Content Audit

Page-level SEO & Conversion Rate Optimization Tactics

Do you need to update your content, rewrite webpages or complete a website migration? Before you get to work, find out exactly how your webpages are performing with a Website Content Audit.

Your audit report tells you which pages and content to keep, merge and sunset. We also provide detailed recommendations to help you refine your information architecture and improve your existing content.


  • Page-level findings
  • Page-level recommendations
  • Information architecture
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Case Study

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), a leading pediatric heart disease treatment center, saw a remarkable 141% increase in organic traffic within the first 6 months and ongoing growth.

Read the Case Study


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in overall Cardiology traffic


Increase in page views

web content writing testimonial from Franciscan Health
Working with the Aha Media team was a total lifesaver. We migrated a huge medical website with thousands of pages of content that needed to be written and re-worked into new templates and taxonomy. This team took everything I gave them and ran with it. This project was well-managed, and the content that came back was ready to publish. I’ve never had this be the case with any other agency. I absolutely recommend Aha Media to anyone with content needs.
Erin Mullen
Erin J. Mullen
Content Strategy Manager, Franciscan Health

Our Impact

Your Partner in Healthcare Content Strategy

Your website is in good hands with Aha Media Group. Our approach to content marketing strategy for healthcare is driven by analytics, stakeholder interviews and proven best practices.

We’re here to boost your team’s bandwidth so you can achieve quick wins and bold goals, right on schedule. Think of us as a natural extension of your content team.

Hospital and healthcare clients

Healthcare content marketing projects

Pages written and optimized


Power Up Your Healthcare Content Strategy

Explore our top 3 resources about healthcare SEO and website optimization strategy.

Optimize Your Healthcare Content: Understanding the 4 Types of SEO

Optimize Your Healthcare Content: Understanding the 4 Types of SEO

To many marketers, SEO is a scary monster under the bed. It keeps us up at night, wondering if we’re doing enough … or if we’re doing it right … or if we’ll ever see the fruits of our labor on the Google search results pages.

But one thing we know without a doubt? Why SEO is important in healthcare. An optimized website brings in more leads. More leads can mean more patients, customers…

SEO Cheatsheet for Content Marketers

SEO Cheatsheet for Content Marketers

SEO Content Guidelines At Aha Media, we go beyond creating compelling content – we make sure it reaches its audience potential. Our team follows SEO best practices with all the content we produce for our clients. So we decided to bring our SEO experts together and create SEO content guidelines…

About Aha Media Group, Your Healthcare SEO Team

Optimize your healthcare content strategy with a team of skilled health writers and strategists. Aha Media Group was founded in 2004 to expand the pool of patient-centric healthcare information online. Clear, empathetic content and savvy strategy connect patients to the care they need and health organizations to the solutions they’re looking for.

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It’s hard to see the next step when you’re looking at the finish line. Speak with a member of our team to find out which option is best for your healthcare organization.

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