The Ultimate Guide to AI for Healthcare Marketers + Do’s and Don’ts Cheatsheet What You Need to Know
The Ultimate Guide to AI for Healthcare Marketers + Do’s and Don’ts Cheatsheet What You Need to Know


Increased Inbound Leads by 64%

by focusing on the right audience

Executive Summary

NeuroPace, the manufacturer of an RNS brain stimulator to monitor and control epileptic seizures, approached Aha Media in May 2021. They were preparing to write content for a new blog but knew their existing content wasn’t performing well in organic search. Nor were they reaching the right audience that would drive more patients to their site.

After Aha Media performed a comprehensive discovery, NeuroPace changed their content strategy. Now:

  • Detailed personas and content journeys fuel content creation.
  • Narrowed and focused keywords and key phrases increase traffic.
  • Blog content focuses on lower funnel targets.
  • Reorganized patient stories drive leads.

About the Client

  • Who They Are: A commercial-stage medical device company focused on transforming the lives of people with epilepsy​
  • Industry: Medical Device
  • In Business Since: 1997
  • Number of Employees: >200
  • Headquarters: Mountain View, CA


Within 6 months, NeuroPace captured a Google Zero position.

They saw a 64% increase in inbound leads from patients and doctors eager to learn more about the device.


Increase in referrals from physicians

Google Zero position captured.

The Challenge

Patients diagnosed with drug-resistant epilepsy are eligible for the NeuroPace device. But most patients don’t discover the treatment until they’ve had epilepsy for 20 years or more.

While NeuroPace had a vigorous patient ambassador program with rich patient stories on their website, content wasn’t discoverable or organized according to the patient journey. On the SEO side, NeuroPace was trying to own the entire epilepsy keyword universe. The top of the funnel was missing content to draw in patients and, more importantly, their caregivers, as patients with drug-resistant epilepsy often have difficulty navigating the web.

Aha Media’s Approach

Partner with a healthcare marketing firm that knows digital and print copywriting.

Conduct Discovery Report

Aha Media conducted a comprehensive discovery that included:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Qualitative content audit
  • Competitive gap analysis
  • SEO analysis
  • Social media analysis
Ahava Leibtag leads engaging content workshops and writing trainings.

Propose Recommendations

Findings and recommendations included:

  • Changing the organization of patient stories to address caregiver and patient needs
  • Optimizing for better, more targeted keywords
  • Publishing blog content strategically in line with the patient journey

Build Personas

Build personas that strategically align with the funnel and corresponding keywords.

The Results

Lessons Learned

Starting with a comprehensive discovery that examines the intersection of content and the needs of the business results in a cleaner, more focused content strategy.

Keep defining and refining your audience

Once NeuroPace chose to target 3 specific personas according to where those personas were in their journey, it became easier to ideate, write and publish. The NeuroPace team refers to their personas constantly in meetings — their customers have become real to them.

Work with an experienced content team

A third-party point of view from an experienced healthcare content team gave NeuroPace a business case to invest in their paid and organic efforts differently. Now with these incredible results, they can continue to create content aligned with the patient journey, so they help epilepsy patients and drive leads.
There are a lot of tools out there that can do this. There are very expensive empathy map processes, buying behavior friction point analyses. There are lots of people out there who will take your money. But this process marries the best of all of that. And draws on the knowledge of your team … This was so successful for us.

Stan Van Gent

Senior Director, Consumer and Referral Marketing

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