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How to Write Better Emails & Increase Content Downloads by 900%

CASE STUDY: Train your staff to write better emails and increase content downloads by 900% In 2018, a mutual financial services company found that their financial representatives were disengaged from employee-facing content. Employees were ignoring company emails and taking time from client meetings to dig for necessary content. That’s when the company’s communications team turned… Read more

4 Ways to Up Your Email Open Rate

I get hundreds of emails every day – so marketing emails have to be really catchy to get my attention. (Unicorn emojis or free product offers are just not going to cut it). The reality is, most often I’m batch deleting them and moving on to emails that matter to me. When we send marketing… Read more

What Your Closet Can Tell You About Your Campaigns

When’s the last time you cleaned out your closet? If you stopped in panic, or are thinking, “Ahava, why are you ruining my holiday buzz?” don’t worry. Today isn’t really about your closet. Rather it’s about the end of the year, taking stock of what you have and figuring how to do better in 2017…. Read more

16 Email Stats You Should Know

What makes you read a particular email and send another straight to the trash? Do you pay much attention to your email behaviors? No? Well, marketers do, and the industry is rich with data that you can use to implement an effective email strategy. Email is an inexpensive and highly measurable marketing tool, in which… Read more