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Ahava Leibtag Picked for 2020 Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame

The Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame announced that Ahava Leibtag has been selected as an inductee into the Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame Class of 2020. The award will be revealed during the 24th Annual Healthcare Internet Conference, being held virtually November 16-18, 2020. Leibtag is being honored as an Innovative Individual. Leibtag has over… Read more

[VIDEO] John Davey of Mount Sinai on Healthcare Communication from the COVID-19 Epicenter

What Did You Learn? Episode 14 This spring, when the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic was in New York City, Mount Sinai Health System treated thousands upon thousands of COVID-19 patients and returned more than 10,000 of those patients back to health. During that time, Mount Sinai’s healthcare marketing team created content to support patients,… Read more

Making a Match: 3 Reasons Patients Choose the Doctors They Do

Aha Media Group writer Teri Cettina switched roles, from health copywriter to patient, when she was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer in 2018. When I was first diagnosed with cancer, the doctor in the ER gently handed me a piece of paper with a surgeon’s name on it. “This is the best pancreatic surgeon… Read more

Top Hospital Commercials of 2019

All year, our team looks out for healthcare marketing ads that leave a lasting impression. Now, we’ve whittled down our list to the 10 best hospital commercials of the year. The Ingredients of the Top Hospital Commercials What makes a great healthcare ad? The secret ingredient is not screaming “I’m a hospital commercial!” We love… Read more

Get Your Doctors on Good Morning America with Strong SEO & Exceptional Storytelling

A client win: Good Morning America (GMA) picked up a blog post we wrote for Henry Ford Health System’s LiveWell Blog. The details: A GMA producer found a LiveWell blog post we wrote, Do You Really Need 10,000 Steps a Day? because of it’s first-place ranking on Google. She reached out to Henry Ford’s marketing… Read more

The Top 10 Hospital Commercials of 2015

At the end of every year, I look forward to creating this list of the top 10 hospital commercials SO much.  However, I always forget the initial frustration I have. It starts like this: Excited to watch Frustrated by how many old, hackneyed ideas are recycled Thrilled when I find the gems you will see… Read more

5 Pediatrician Healthcare Blogs You Should Read

You don’t always remember to ask every question at your child’s check-up. When something comes up with your child and you’re looking for some answers, you don’t want to wait. That’s why it’s good to know you can go online and find an abundance of information from knowledgeable sources. Here are the pediatrician blogs you… Read more

Doctors Blogging? A Wildly Successful Case Study

There are many reasons to start a blog. For most companies, it’s about content marketing and generating leads. In healthcare marketing, it’s about educational content marketing and creating brand awareness, loyalty and trust. But for a clinician, starting a blog was about solving a problem: “I didn’t think that patients were connected with great, timely… Read more

SHSHMD: 10 Most Used Healthcare Marketing Words

Last week I attended The Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development’s annual conference, known as SHSMD. With more than 1,000 healthcare strategists and marketers gathered in Philadelphia, there were lively conversations, engaging presentations and more networking than a happy hour on Friday at a downtown bar. I found the following 10 words repeated in… Read more

Promoting Hospital Doctors: 8 Creative Ideas for your Website

Your doctors are a critical part of your hospital’s reputation. Their credentials, expertise and experience are what draw patients to your institution. So it makes sense to showcase their expertise by promoting hospital doctors on your website. Here are eight creative ideas for promoting hospital doctors on your site: 1. Pictures Nothing says reassuring, confident… Read more