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5 Steps to Get Your “Off the Rails” Project Back on Track

We all dream of the perfect project. It kicks off with excitement. The creative is flawless. And it’s miraculously produced on time and under budget. (By the way, that image is as dreamy to me as pizza without the carbs.) But then you find yourself with a hurdle: Uh-oh, the stakeholder isn’t responding. Oh gosh,… Read more

The One Person Your Content Team Needs In Order To Be Successful

People always ask me: We have great ideas. We have people who are capable of great execution. We know what we are supposed to be doing. So why is our workflow such a mess? What are we doing wrong? The Place Where Quality Content Goes to Die The answer, more times than I’d like to… Read more

Jump-Start a Stalled Project

You’ve done it! Your content marketing project is off the ground. You have internal buy-in and budget, the stakeholders are lined up, and the team is prepped. You can breathe a sigh of relief. The weeks go by, and your project is humming along. The team reports no major issues, and you gleefully check off… Read more

Managing Content Projects with Success and Panache

So often in digital projects, we push content to the bottom of the pile, or the end of the timeline. As we evolve our strategies, we’re learning that content really needs to come first. At the Now What? Conference in Sioux Falls on April 30th, Ahava showed the audience how to avoid this problem and… Read more