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Tag: Subject matter experts

5 Ways to Get Juicy Quotes From Interview Subjects 

My first writing/editing job was for a university magazine. I regularly interviewed academics, fundraising experts, administrators and student services professionals. I was a good writer, but a horrible interviewer. Talking to university folks was a necessary but dreaded task. And my attitude about interviewing came through to my subjects. They often answered my questions in… Read more

Chocolate and Community: Content Lessons Courtesy of Willy Wonka

Reading the beloved “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” with my daughter made me think about chocolate, of course – but also about good business. Willy Wonka is a creative, entrepreneurial genius. He crafts the most seductive sweets, hides golden tickets to amplify sales and dangles the elusive promise of the Everlasting Gobstopper. The guy is… Read more

What’s a Language Board? Does it Matter?

LOL! FOMO. Bigly. (That’s a real word, shockingly.) Language is always changing. It’s an adaptive technology designed so humans can communicate with each other. But when creating content, urging stakeholders to understand a customer’s language takes work and careful planning. One handy tool we use is a language board. It helps to clarify key concepts,… Read more

When Physicians Won’t Be Subject Matter Experts

Doctors are awesome at providing important information to make content jump off the page. But, anyone who has ever created content with doctors knows that they inevitably – without meaning to- create massive bottlenecks. Either it’s impossible to get an interview with the subject matter experts, or they take their time editing the content. Or—the… Read more

Managing Factual Reviews During the Editorial Process

One of the hardest parts of the editorial process is having doctors, or subject matter experts, edit content for factual review. Your only goal is to make sure the content is medically accurate…their goal is to make sure it sounds the way they want it to. You’ve already decided on a conversational, consumer-friendly voice and… Read more

Editorial Etiquette: Do Your Stakeholders Have It?

The last thing any writer wants to see is a deck that liberally and unnecessarily re-writes copy because the reviewer does not understand the purpose of the project or web writing best practices. One of the major problems all content creators have is asking stakeholders to sign off on content. No matter how hard you… Read more

5 Toxic Content Cultures and How to Solve Them

One of the fun things about being a content strategy consultant is hearing about how different editorial/content/marketing teams around the country operate. From their structure to the many roles people are expected to play, I’m always fascinated to hear about successes, opportunities and challenges. My mind is always operating under a classification system—can I find… Read more