The Ultimate Guide to AI for Healthcare Marketers + Do’s and Don’ts Cheatsheet What You Need to Know
The Ultimate Guide to AI for Healthcare Marketers + Do’s and Don’ts Cheatsheet What You Need to Know

Help Your Team Nail Your Brand Voice

Training & Documentation for Your Brand

Is confusion about your brand’s voice and tone leading to muddy messaging? Partner with us to clear up your voice and train your writers to apply it with ease.

Why Is Brand Voice Important for Healthcare Organizations?

Your voice and tone is an integral part of your brand identity. Using a consistent voice helps readers understand your brand personality and learn to recognize you everywhere you show up — in their inbox, on social media and on your website. Here’s how documenting your voice for writers helps:

Get healthcare content writing services that deliver results.

Boost Writing Efficiency

A custom Voice & Tone Playbook helps your writers nail your voice the first time, cutting down editing time.

Partner with a healthcare marketing firm that knows digital and print copywriting.

Align Your Messaging

Get your writers on the same page, so they can put out a unified brand identity with a reliable message.

Use empathy in your healthcare content writing to connect with audiences.

Build Trust With Readers

Show up online with a clear voice and point of view. This helps readers trust and recognize your brand on every platform.

Voice & Tone Workshop and Playbook

Brand Voice in Healthcare Training

As your team grows and your brand strategy evolves, it’s natural to experience growing pains and lose clarity in your voice and tone. Our customized training can help you get back to the root of your brand voice and create documentation that helps everyone understand it.

We customize your voice and tone training sessions for your brand. Some popular topics include:

  • What is a brand voice?
  • Examples of brand voice
  • When should the tone of voice change?
  • Differences between voice and tone in writing
  • How to write content using your brand voice

What to Expect From Your Hospital Brand Voice Workshop

Engaging Topics

We make your training memorable and fun by incorporating pop culture, humor and unique activities.

Hands-On Format

Group exercises and a customized approach create an interactive environment that’s conducive to learning.

Team-Building Elements

We design our workshop to help your staff come together as an effective team.

Working with Aha Media transformed our content operations. Through training and content strategy, we publish and distribute content more efficiently and with results.
Wendy Wilson

Vice President, Media & Digital Content Strategy

How Your Healthcare Voice & Tone Workshop Works

Your workshop takes place over two 90-minute training sessions.

First session: Your team studies voice and tone in writing and participates in engaging exercises.
Second session: We build your Voice & Tone Playbook and train your writers on how to use it.

Use data and insights to create a consistent healthcare content strategy.

Before Your Workshop

We prepare for your brand voice workshop together by reviewing your marketing materials and branding assets.

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Workshop Day

During your first 90-minute workshop, we explore elements of brand voice with your team and what yours sounds like.

Get healthcare content writing services that deliver results.

After Your Workshop

Post-workshop, you receive your Voice & Tone Playbook. We hold another session to help your team use it in their writing.

Could Voice and Tone Training Help Your Team?

Is an inconsistent voice casting a shadow of doubt over readers about your brand?

Our voice and tone workshop can help if your:

✔️ Brand voice documentation is confusing, out of date or nonexistent

✔️ Writing team has grown quickly, and your once-strong voice has disappeared

✔️ Brand sounds different on every channel, every day, with no clear message

✔️ Style guide was written once, years ago (on the fly) and doesn’t cover all the areas your writing team needs

Our voice and tone workshop helps you create brand voice documentation and trains your team on how to use it. If you want to build a complete suite of messaging tools for your brand, check out our healthcare content guidelines.

ahava leibtag of aha media group

Meet Your Healthcare Brand Strategy Trainer

When faced with a life-threatening illness in 2004, our founder, Ahava Leibtag, struggled to find the health information she needed. She launched Aha Media Group to address the need for empathetic, patient-centric health content. Today, she’s an industry leader, author, and top writer and strategist.

As a trainer, Ahava’s known for her signature blend of expertise and humor. She excels at keeping teams engaged and tackles serious topics with a delivery that doesn’t take things too seriously. She can’t wait to meet your team and relight their creative fire.

Book Your Voice & Tone Workshop

Help your writers create content that always hits the mark. Speak with a member of our team to start planning your custom healthcare brand voice workshop.

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