The Ultimate Guide to AI for Healthcare Marketers + Do’s and Don’ts Cheatsheet What You Need to Know
The Ultimate Guide to AI for Healthcare Marketers + Do’s and Don’ts Cheatsheet What You Need to Know

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Content Writing Workshops

Transform print writers into digital writers.


Align Your Content and Marketing Teams

Are your writers having trouble creating engaging content for your brand? Are the pressures of content writing for so many different digital outlets — social media, mobile and web — confusing?

The ever-changing landscape of our digital world means that writers are constantly learning new technical and strategic skills. Training in current best practices for digital marketing content will give your writers concrete skills they can apply daily. Our digital writing and content strategy workshops also teach your teams to develop a broad understanding of digital strategy and how to plan and write compelling, searchable content.

Give Your Team a Customized Web Content Writing Course

It’s not easy to create and distribute a steady stream of quality, multichannel content that promotes your brand.

Our team knows this firsthand, having partnered with hundreds of clients on thousands of projects. We designed our content writing training with your team’s unique pressures, opportunities and goals in mind.

After participating in one of our content writing workshops, your team should be able to:

  • Apply best practices for writing on screens
  • Understand the difference between writing for mobile and writing for traditional web browsing
  • Understand how to think like a user and focus on the reader
  • Understand how and why search engines deliver search results
  • Research and understand how to apply keywords
  • Write a keyword-rich article with headlines optimized for SEO
  • Gain knowledge of some of the best thought leaders in the space

That’s not all. Here’s how you benefit from an online content writing course:

Current best practices

Hustling to meet constant deadlines and stakeholder reviews doesn’t always leave your team much time to stay on the leading edge of your field. No worries — we’ve been digital communication experts since 2005, testing the trends to bring you the best ones. Your team walks away with fresh insights and skills in audience research, storytelling, SEO content, usability and social media.

Balance of strategy and tactics

Marketing strategy is the compass, and tactics are the hiking boots. Your team gets training on both, so you reach your destination. And you leave with a map of actionable ideas to apply the very next day.

Hands-on learning

Learning kick-starts your team, but doing puts them on the fast track to growth. Every content writing training includes workshops, so team members immediately practice their new writing skills in a collaborative setting — and build confidence to keep innovating.

Fun, relevant content

Content writer training shouldn’t be boring. Get training that’s always fresh, fun and engaging. Count on us to tap into pop culture — Taylor Swift, anyone? — to shine a new light on topics like peer editing.

What to Expect From a Content Writing Workshop

We customize every content training to fit the unique needs of the healthcare organization. In general, here is our approach to content writing workshops:

Communicate with audiences and accomplish your business goals through clear healthcare content.

Before the Workshop

We spend several hours understanding what your team needs to get out of the digital writing courses, including assessing current and common challenges that your team faces. Understanding your writers’ challenges helps us create a personalized workshop that spends time on the skills they need honed.

Ahava Leibtag leads engaging content workshops and writing trainings.

Workshop Day

Whether your workshop is a full-day, half-day, or something else, it’ll be jam-packed with long-term content creation learnings. We use materials from your own website, and from related fields, so your writers will be familiar with the content.

Get healthcare content writing services that deliver results.

After the Workshop

Whatever your organization’s goals, we sharpen your writers’ understanding of how to craft robust, user-centered content for your customers. Moving forward, your team will be better equipped to create digital SEO content with the proper writing style.


Case Study

Writing Workshop Improved Content Production and Effectiveness

After a training session with Aha Media, an organization’s staff members learned to write better emails and increased content downloads by 900%.

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Email open rate


Loyalty rate

Content downloads per month

Staff and leadership members

Ahava Leibtag

Meet Your Fearless Leader (aka Expert Trainer)

Ahava R. Leibtag is the president and owner of Aha Media Group, bringing more than 20 years of experience in writing, messaging and marketing. She’s a sought-after thought leader on content strategy and content marketing.

Ahava teaches your team the essential skills that every content marketer needs to survive and thrive in the digital era. She tackles serious topics – with a delivery that doesn’t take things too seriously. Her signature blend of expertise and humor keeps teams engaged and energized during the online writing course.

Book Ahava for your next training

tanner health system

When faced with the overwhelming task of rewriting our website content, we asked Ahava to come teach a workshop. She gave us so much insight into how writing has changed for the web, as well as real-life exercises to help us use our new skills and to write for best SEO. She was funny and engaging, and we learned so much. We’ve decided to have her out once a year to reinforce what we’ve learned. Thank you, Ahava, for teaching some old marketers new tricks!

Kelly Meigs

VP Marketing Strategy & Planning

Need Help Creating Valuable Content?

Use our handy content creation checklist, a content marketing staple. It’ll help you balance SEO, user experience and great storytelling. This resource has been translated into four languages and downloaded more than 10,000 times.

You need this checklist for creating valuable content.

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A Personal Connection to Healthcare Content

Ahava Leibtag, Founder and CEO, experienced the failure of content when diagnosed with a life-threatening illness in 2004. The jargon-filled, convoluted materials she came across drove her to devote her content writing and strategy knowledge to creating patient-centric, accessible healthcare content.

Today, Ahava has more than 20 years of experience in writing, messaging and marketing. Ahava is an industry-recognized content expert and strategist, thought leader, entrepreneur, and author. In 2020, Ahava was inducted into the Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame as an Innovative Individual.

She loves ice cream, knows all the words to “Aliens” by heart and is an avid jigsaw puzzler.

ahava leibtag of aha media group

Take Your Team to the Next Level

Educate and inspire your staff with a fun, dynamic marketing workshop tailored to your specific needs.

Let’s talk about what your team needs and how we can help.