The Ultimate Guide to AI for Healthcare Marketers + Do’s and Don’ts Cheatsheet What You Need to Know
The Ultimate Guide to AI for Healthcare Marketers + Do’s and Don’ts Cheatsheet What You Need to Know

Make the Best Use of Your Digital Channels

Multichannel Healthcare Content Audit

Are you getting the most mileage out of your content? A multichannel content audit is the best way to find out. Discover what’s working on each channel and where you can improve. Get a roadmap for leveling up your channel marketing strategy.

Upgrade Your Multichannel Content Strategy

From your website to your healthcare blog to your social media accounts, your audience has countless ways to connect with you online. Make sure you show up consistently and use each channel to the fullest. Get a 360-degree view of your marketing channels, along with insights and recommendations that drive results.

Turn to a healthcare content agency that uses data to inform content strategies.

Optimize Each Digital Channel

Identify what’s working and what to improve across your website, blog, social media, email and other marketing channels.


Find Your Competitive Edge

Understand your competitive landscape and find opportunities to outperform.

Does your healthcare content marketing get a seal of approval from your audience?

Create an Effective Content Ecosystem

Learn how to improve content production for more efficiency and content consistency.

Is Your Content Team Spread Thin?

With one team juggling social posts, newsletters, a blog and more, it’s hard to feel like you’re ever caught up on content. Every new day brings more spots to fill on your editorial calendar. This can make content creation feel uninspired and burdensome.

If your team is stuck in this cycle, an all-inclusive content audit can help. Partner with us to break down the big picture of your channel marketing efforts into manageable recommendations.

How Your 360° Discovery Works

Turn to a healthcare content agency that uses data to inform content strategies.

Step 1: Get Started

Once you share background assets and key information, we kick off the channels audit, interviews and data deep dive.


Step 2: Review Findings

We present audit findings to your team, highlight important insights and examples and walk you through our recommendations.

Turn to a healthcare content agency that uses data to inform content strategies.

Step 3: Optimize Your Channels

Follow your custom action plan, step by step. You’re on your way to getting the most out of your content marketing.

What’s Included in the Multichannel Audit?

✔️ Stakeholder Interviews: We speak to stakeholders to understand your business goals and challenges and to learn about your audience, their pain points and content needs.

✔️ SEO Audit & Analytics Review: Get the details behind the data. See how well each channel is performing, from site to social to email.

✔️ Qualitative Audit: Determine if your content is following best practices across channels, so you can engage your audience where they are and stand out from the crowd.

✔️ Competitive Gap Analysis: Get an in-depth review of your closest competitors’ content marketing to find inspiration and opportunities for your organization.

✔️ Channel Assessments: Which platforms are driving results? Which need support? We show you how to get the most out of your channel marketing.

✔️ Recommendations: Get next steps laid out for your team. We create a custom action plan that’s aligned with your organization’s goals.

360° Discovery

Optimize Your Content Marketing

Your content marketing strategy spans many channels, platforms and digital places. A standalone website or social media audit can help you improve one channel, but only a complete content audit gives you a holistic view.

Gain a full understanding of your content marketing strengths and needs with the 360° Discovery. This comprehensive discovery and content audit delivers channel-specific recommendations with clear strategic and tactical next steps.

web content writing testimonial from Franciscan Health
Working with the Aha Media team was a total lifesaver. We migrated a huge medical website with thousands of pages of content that needed to be written and re-worked into new templates and taxonomy.

This team took everything I gave them and ran with it. This project was well-managed, and the content that came back was ready to publish. I’ve never had this be the case with any other agency. I absolutely recommend Aha Media to anyone with content needs.

Erin Mullen
Erin J. Mullen

Content Strategy Manager, Franciscan Health

Does Your Organization Need a Multichannel Content Audit?

Gain a New Level of Confidence in Your Content

When you streamline your processes, define your strategy and use best practices across channels, your content works harder for you. A multichannel content audit brings you more than quick wins. It gives you strategic insights and recommendations that permanently change the way your organization treats content.

A comprehensive audit of your healthcare content marketing might be what your team needs. If you say “yes” to any of these statements, the 360° Discovery is the right choice.


✔️ Find that your content production is reactive rather than strategic and proactive, and you’re tired of constantly trying to triage content requests.

✔️ Lack resources to tailor your content to each channel, so you’re missing out on leveraging their full value.

✔️ Are pushing content on every channel but not seeing the results you — or leadership — would like to see.

✔️ Are reinventing the wheel for every new piece of content and struggling to keep up with demand.

With 360° Discovery, our team evaluates your website, blog, email newsletter, social media platforms and more. If you want to audit your website only, learn about InSITE Findings™, our website content audit.

About Aha Media Group, Your Healthcare Content Marketing Strategists

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Give Your Content Marketing a Boost

Make your website, blog, email and social media work as a team. Speak to a content strategist to learn more about the 360° Discovery channel audit.

Speak to a Strategist

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