The Ultimate Guide to AI for Healthcare Marketers + Do’s and Don’ts Cheatsheet What You Need to Know
The Ultimate Guide to AI for Healthcare Marketers + Do’s and Don’ts Cheatsheet What You Need to Know

Rank Higher in Organic Search

SEO Audit Services

Search engine optimization doesn’t have to be complicated. Page-level SEO audits analyze how your content is performing and offer clear, page-by-page instructions on improving search performance, user experience and accessibility. Reach your traffic goals with a dedicated content agency, the best partner for healthcare SEO services.

Get Specific Recommendations to Optimize Your Content

Where are your quick-win SEO opportunities? Where is thin content holding you back? Which pages can you combine to streamline your website — and user experience?

Our team digs through qualitative and quantitative data for you, then maps out the steps you need to optimize each webpage for audiences and search engines. We help you implement a plan to get the results you want from your website.

Turn to a healthcare content agency that uses data to inform content strategies.

Outrank Your Competitors

Discover how you can improve on-page SEO and UX to perform better.


Attract New Patients and Clients

Draw more visitors to your site, more leads to your inbox and more patients to your doors.

Does your healthcare content marketing get a seal of approval from your audience?

Improve Content Quality

Find out which pages need a rewrite to better connect with audiences.

Webpage SEO Audits for Lean Teams and Busy Marketers

What’s holding you back from the #1 search position for your keywords? It’s easy to get swept into a cycle of pumping out content and neglecting old pages … especially when your content team is small but mighty.

Lean content teams don’t often get to revisit mature webpages. That’s where we step in. Continue your content efforts uninterrupted — our team handles the tedious aspects of webpage SEO and creates a custom roadmap to take your content to the next level.

How Your Healthcare SEO Audit Works

Turn to a healthcare content agency that uses data to inform content strategies.

Step 1: Get Started

Together, we determine which webpages to assess. Then we kick off the audit with a URL inventory and your data in hand — no need for stakeholder interviews.


Step 2: Uncover Opportunities

Our team digs to discover hidden opportunities for your webpages and presents our findings to your team.

Turn to a healthcare content agency that uses data to inform content strategies.

Step 3: Improve Your SEO

Equipped with page-by-page recommendations and a draft information architecture, your team can implement content updates with confidence.

What’s Included in the SEO Site Audit?

✔️ Page-Level Findings: Analytics can be intimidating. We help you navigate the data and organize key findings in a report that will change how you view your website.

✔️ Page-Level Recommendations: What would an SEO audit be without actionable steps to improve your content? You get detailed instructions to optimize each audited page.

✔️ Draft Information Architecture: The way you organize your content impacts how search engines crawl it. We create a draft IA that’s sure to please Google and your readers.

Website Content Audit

Custom SEO Findings & Action Steps

You’ve already heard all the broad SEO advice and read the “How-Tos.” When it comes to SEO, general tips don’t move the needle — but taking action at the page level does.

That’s why we provide custom and comprehensive on-page SEO recommendations. Your SEO audit report starts with an information architecture and ends with a complete list of optimization tasks for each audited page. After we present the findings and next steps, you have the tools you need to improve your content performance.

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Whether you’re facing a major site migration or just want to refresh outdated content, the SEO audit shows you exactly what to do with existing content.

We factor in keyword research, site analytics and competitor insights to offer page-by-page recommendations on how to streamline site structure, optimize content for search and create a friction-free user experience.

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Ann Key

Content Strategy Team Lead, Aha Media Group

Does Your Organization Need an SEO Audit?

Get a Custom Plan to Optimize Your Webpages

Search engine optimization is challenging, but results come from chipping away with small, actionable steps. We zoom in on the details, like metadata and header tags, so you know exactly what your pages need.

If any of these statements ring true, your team would benefit from a page-level content audit.

You are:

✔️ Poised for a website redesign and need a plan for managing existing content

✔️ Going through changes within your organization, like a merger, acquisition or branding shift, and you need updated content to reflect the change

✔️ Clear on your website content strategy but not clear on how to implement it at the page level

✔️ Overwhelmed at the thought of all the content updates your website needs and unsure where to start

✔️ Seeing that your webpages are no longer driving the same results, and traffic is decreasing

No matter the reason, we can help you understand your site’s SEO and improve your content, page by page. If you want a more strategic and holistic content audit, rather than tactical, page-level SEO recommendations, read about our comprehensive website content audit, InSITE Findings™.

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Make Search Work for Your Website

Find opportunities to optimize your website — for audiences and search. Connect with a member of our team to begin.

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Looking for a Different Kind of Support?

Explore other healthcare content strategy solutions to find what you’re looking for.

Get healthcare content writing services that deliver results.

360° Discovery Report™

Our healthcare content strategists marry stakeholder interviews, SEO and channel analytics, qualitative auditing and a competitive gap analysis to give you an accurate and birdseye view of exactly what your content is doing for your audiences — and your business.

Healthcare content writing for B2B and B2C companies

InSITE Findings™

Reorganizing your content for business goals and SEO means you need to know where you stand right now. After we perform a competitive gap analysis and qualitative and analytics reviews, we’ll give you recommendations and a draft information architecture (site map) for your new site or section.

Use empathy in your healthcare content writing to connect with audiences.

Healthcare Social Media Marketing Audit

Are your social media accounts performing as well as they could? Are your workflows working for your team? Audit your profiles with us and get a custom toolkit to streamline your efforts.