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Hospital Copywriting & Content Strategy

Put People First With Patient-Centric Content

You deliver information that changes lives. The content you produce — whether it’s a blog about a rash or a brochure on a cancer diagnosis — needs to consider this reality.

Ensure your content is:
  • User-friendly
  • Clear and accessible
  • Informative
  • Empathetic

Patient-centric content is at the heart of what we do.

People Are Complex. Hospitals Are, Too.

Crafting content that is consistent, coherent and compassionate takes organization, expertise and empathy.

Your content needs to be patient-centric and deliver the messages, resources and hope patients need at the right time. 

Healthcare Expertise

Deliver content to your doctors and patients that is both accurate and easy-to-read. Work with a team that understands the complexity of the medical field.

Clear & Consumable Content

When you’re creating content around complex, potentially frightening topics means clarity, accuracy and readability are all the more important.

Hospital Awareness

Inside the healthcare field, hospitals reign as incredibly complex and vital organizations. Ensure the content you produce for patients meets the standards of your operation and initiatives.

Patient-Centric Content

Ensure patients are the focus with content crafted for them. Whether you need a single blog or a new marketing strategy, we always put the patient at the heart of the content we write.

Aha Media was a seamless content partner and an extension of our team. Because they have dedicated account managers keeping track of deadlines, they delivered excellent work on time, every time. Their attention to detail was remarkable. They were always responsive, accountable, and I didn’t have to manage them or the process at all. Their content exceeded my expectations, our leadership and our providers’ expectations and delivered results. Our average bounce rate has dropped by 10%, and the average time spent on our page has doubled. We couldn’t be more thrilled with our new web content!

Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith

Manager, Marketing & Communications at UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson Cancer Center


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Increase in User Engagement



Increase in Find-a-Doctor Submits


More Time Spent On Page

Aha Media is a critical piece of our blog’s continued success. In the last year, we’ve quadrupled our page traffic, more than doubled our engagement metrics and became one of the main sources for organic traffic to overall. I am grateful for the quality of work Aha Media produces. Their work is consistent, and the process is very turnkey. In a time when many things are uncertain and often overly complicated, we appreciate being able to rely on this aspect of our work as a constant.

Brooke Hess

Content Strategy & Promotions Manager, Henry Ford Health System

Helping Improve Patient Lives in Hospitals

Your mission is our mission.

Patients seeking treatment in hospitals have complex needs and potentially life-threatening illnesses. Your goal is to create content that answers pressing questions, helps patients find and access the resources they need and supports operational initiatives.

Build a content strategy that ensures patients have the answers they need — when and where they need them.


Hospital Content Strategy & Copywriting Resources

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