Be brave in your communications.

It takes a lot of work to say the right thing. Content is a conversation – a complex one in this age of digital media. As writers and content strategists, we specialize in crafting memorable, fresh conversations that tell your story and breathe life into your brand. Transform your conversations into vibrant and exceptional custom content.


We educate our clients about digital strategy so they feel empowered to make bold, strategic decisions based on data. Our expertise in content strategy and user experience means we shape your content so it converts your audiences to customers. And our excellent project management means that you hand us the ball and we run with it. Right to a slam dunk.

Digital Strategy

Connect with an Audience

Content is a conversation. Finding the right thing to say to each audience is hard. Together, we will craft new messaging and strategies to drive revenue and accomplish your goals.

Content Marketing

Connect with your brand as a trusted advisor

Sustain the conversation with your audiences using a variety of formats and channels. We know how to identify your audience, create your messaging and write fresh, custom content that is noticed and shared.

Content Training

Create your Audience Engagement Team

Learn how to deliver inspiring and satisfying content experiences to your target audiences with a variety of training opportunities for your digital strategy, social media and content teams.

Our Clients

At Aha Media, our clients include some of the world’s most prestigious brands. We work closely with them to create custom content, solve workflow problems and conduct on-site training with their teams.

Ahava Leibtag delivering the keynote address at Confab 2014 – Group Therapy for Your Corporate Identity.

Leaders In Our Field

Ahava Leibtag has more than 15 years of experience in writing, messaging and marketing. She is a recognized content expert and writes about content strategy and content marketing. Ahava founded Aha Media Group, a content strategy and content marketing consultancy, in October 2005.

Ahava is available for speaking engagements, and we have an archive of past talks available.

See What Other's Are Saying…

“After reviewing the content, I wanted to say that the copy is EXACTLY what we need. It is very well written, perfect for the audience we’re trying to communicate with and I just can’t say enough good things about it. After the experience with a previous vendor I know that this kind of clinical/ technical writing isn’t something just anyone can do and I wanted to pass my appreciation and kudos along. You guys have been wonderful to work with.”

Nicole Herlehy Dallas Children’s Health


Ahava R. Leibtag has more than 15 years of experience in writing articles on the emerging discipline of content strategy. Ahava also speaks at national Web conferences about creating, publishing, and governing effective content.

The Digital Crown

The Digital Crown takes you inside the world of content and simplifies both the external messaging and internal challenges that come with creating, publishing and supporting content.

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Creating Valuable Content Checklist

Ahava is the creator of the Creating Valuable Content Checklist™. The checklist is a content marketing staple; it’s been translated into four languages and downloaded more than 10,000 times.

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