Want to apply hot rocket fuel to your content in 2019?

Sounds hard? Not at all. And best part? You don’t have to sacrifice quality and you can offload some of your efforts on to your audience.

WHAT? What is this sorcery you speak of?

With a little planning, you can ignite your content, readership and engagement: Repurpose existing material and look to trending healthcare topics to help inspire new content.

Aha Media uses this approach with client projects. When we worked with UCLA Health System (UCLA) on strategies to increase their website traffic, they saw significant results:

  • Blog pageviews increased 69%.
  • Search engine referrals grew by 189%.
  • Website visits from social media increased 99%.

“It’s great working with a strategic and tactical partner who helps us evolve and experiment with different ways to grow and connect with our audience,” says Ashley Anderson, social media manager at UCLA Health. “The project management and ideation is a huge plus for our team.”

Use newsjacking mixed with patient stories to build unique content

Aha Media worked with the UCLA team to develop a content process that included:

  • Newsjacking, which is creating original content by leveraging current healthcare news and topics. For example, publishing influenza prevention content during cold and flu season.
  • Physician interviews, using the doctors’ knowledge as a basis for blog posts.
  • Repurposing existing materials, such as turning long-form content into a blog or turning a blog into a series of social media posts. (When you create something, repurposing it helps you get the most out of your hard work!)
  • Patient stories, submitted voluntarily by patients via the secure UCLA Health Connect portal.

These efforts led to improvements in several areas – from patient and physician participation to search engine results and social media engagement.

If you’re looking to develop an efficient process for fresh content creation, Aha Media can help with all your content marketing needs.


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