The Ultimate Guide to AI for Healthcare Marketers + Do’s and Don’ts Cheatsheet What You Need to Know
The Ultimate Guide to AI for Healthcare Marketers + Do’s and Don’ts Cheatsheet What You Need to Know

Show Your Hospital’s Heart

Hospital Annual Reports

The time for annual report writing always comes sooner than you think. Start planning yours now. We create reader-friendly reports highlighting the best parts of your hospital and the dedicated people behind it.

Your Yearly Report Carries a Lot of Weight

Every year, you get one opportunity to share your hospital’s achievements and all the great things to come. Make the most of this moment to reaffirm your messaging and instill faith in your health system.

Hospital content writing is tough, and Aha Media Group can help.

Show Your Strengths

Your hospital annual report is the perfect place to share accomplishments, awards and achievements from the past year.

Hospital content writing is tough, and Aha Media Group can help.

Communicate With Stakeholders

Give investors and donors the information they want, like hospital revenue data and next year’s goals.

Communicate with your audience through clear healthcare writing.

Improve Your PR

Control the narrative surrounding your hospital with a report that boosts your reputation and builds authority.

Hospital Annual Report Writing

For Health Systems and Nonprofit Hospitals

We know how important your annual report is to the future of your health organization. Annual report data reinvigorates your staff, drives decision-making, generates funding … and that’s only the beginning.

We’ve helped hospitals create annual reports and other marketing materials since 2004. Our writers examine hospital report examples to stay on top of what drives results, and we approach every project with fresh ideas to make your report stand out. We aren’t just report writers — we’re your thought partners.

Our Process for Writing Annual Reports for Hospitals

Annual reports are comprehensive pieces of content with a lot of moving parts. That’s why we appoint a dedicated account manager for your project. Your AM aligns every effort and keeps things progressing on schedule. They manage our trademarked content creation process, which has 3 phases:

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1. Project Kickoff

Start planning with your account manager and editorial team. Together, we create the project timeline and review annual report ideas.

Medical content writing for organizations in the healthcare industry.

2: Information Sourcing

We pull insights for your report from stakeholder interviews, financial statements, performance metrics and more.

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3: Writing & Distribution

Once your digital hospital annual report is finalized and fully designed, we help you decide how to distribute it to shareholders.

What Do Our Annual Report Writing Services Include?

✔️ Physician & Patient Interviews: Your patient stories and physician spotlights include heartfelt testimonials and insights, straight from the source.

✔️ Healthcare Expertise: As specialists in healthcare marketing, our writers create an annual report that hospital shareholders love.

✔️ Distribution Strategy: Get your new report in the right hands. We help you build your annual report strategy, from content planning to distribution.

✔️ Design Cues: We offer recommendations about imagery, infographics and pull quotes for a seamless hand-off to designers.

✔️ Project Management: Hospital annual report content takes a team to write. Your account manager aligns every effort to create a cohesive report.

✔️ Editing and Quality Assurance: We take your reputation seriously. Your report is reviewed meticulously, so nothing falls through the cracks.

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Use your annual report to showcase achievements and innovations. We’ll communicate in your brand voice, reinforcing your reputation and engaging investors and donors with clear, compelling healthcare writing.

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Shelley Heinrichs

Account Manager, Aha Media Group

About Aha Media Group, Your Annual Report Writers

Why partner with healthcare specialists for your health system’s annual report? You won’t need to explain what an annual report includes or how to write one. We know how to communicate with your shareholders, and we bring fresh ideas to create a successful report.

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Get Ahead on Your Next Annual Report

Don’t wait until the end of the year to write this essential piece of your content puzzle. Get in touch now to start planning your hospital annual report.

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