The Ultimate Guide to AI for Healthcare Marketers + Do’s and Don’ts Cheatsheet What You Need to Know
The Ultimate Guide to AI for Healthcare Marketers + Do’s and Don’ts Cheatsheet What You Need to Know

Long-Form Content for B2B Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare Marketing White Papers and Ebooks

Are you giving your audience all the information they need before they buy? Partner with us to create long-form content that satisfies your buyers’ needs and your bottom line.

Who Needs Ebooks and White Papers in Healthcare?

Long-form content can be valuable at any stage of your funnel. Healthcare industry white papers and ebooks educate readers about problems they’re facing, help them understand their options and guide them to make informed decisions.

Turn to a healthcare content agency that uses data to inform content strategies.

Educate Your Audience

Long-form content is the best medium to explain complex technologies, medical devices or new treatments in detail.

Hospital content writing is tough, and Aha Media Group can help.

Nurture B2B Buyers

Healthcare buyers often need more information before committing. Give them ample resources to share with their stakeholders.

Communicate with your audience through clear healthcare writing.

Promote Your Offers

Educate your readers about a problem they might face and offer your products or services as the ideal solution.

Ebook and White Paper Writing Services

Content Marketing for B2B Healthcare

If your products or services are complex or your audience takes a long customer journey, long-form content is especially valuable to your business. Healthcare ebooks and white papers are crucial pieces of content for health IT businesses, medical device manufacturers, pharma companies and more.

Use this content as a lead magnet or share it with prospects alongside case studies and other materials. Our healthcare marketing white papers position your company as a leader in your space and nurture buyers into action.

Our Process for Writing Healthcare White Papers

What’s the secret to successful white paper content writing services? An organized content workflow. Our projects follow 10 seamless steps from kickoff to final review, all handled by an experienced account manager. Our trademarked process, CREATE™, has 3 phases:

Does your healthcare content marketing get a seal of approval from your audience?

1. Project Kickoff

We lay the foundation for effective content by reviewing your content strategy and goals.

Medical content writing for organizations in the healthcare industry.

2: Information Sourcing

Our writers review your marketing assets and hold interviews with subject matter experts.

Get healthcare content writing services that deliver results.

3: Writing & Distribution

After finalizing your content, we help you distribute it to buyers with strategic promotional content.

What Do Our White Paper Writing Services Include?

✔️ Stakeholder Interviews: We interview your stakeholders and thought leaders to get subject matter expertise for your content.

✔️ Healthcare Expertise: Our vetted writers come from backgrounds in healthcare marketing. They know your industry and terminology.

✔️ Design Cues: Get design recommendations for your ebook or white paper. In certain cases, we also connect you with designers who can help.

✔️ Promotional Strategy: How will you get your content in front of readers? We help you create landing pages, social posts and emails to promote it.

✔️ Project Management: As your point of contact, your account manager can answer any questions and keep the creation process on track.

✔️ Editing and Quality Assurance: Structured rounds of edits and fact-checks help us ensure the quality of your content before it’s time to publish.

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Our commitment is to knowledge-sharing. In B2B healthcare, this translates to producing ebooks and white papers that aren’t just informative but are strategic blueprints for success.

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About Aha Media Group, Your Healthcare White Paper Writers

White papers and ebooks are important investments in your B2B healthcare content marketing strategy. Trust the experts in healthcare writing to handle the research and create the content your buyers want. Our writers know how to write white papers for healthcare and B2B marketing ebooks that convert.

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Educate Your Audience With Effective Long-Form Content

Give your audience the details they want to know about your company, products and services. Speak with a strategist about our B2B white paper writing services.

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More Content Writing Services

Need support with something else? We’re a one-stop shop for healthcare content writing services. Explore our other offers for hospitals and healthcare organizations to find what you’re looking for.

Turn to a healthcare content agency that uses data to inform content strategies.

Hospital Annual Reports

Spotlight your hospital’s success over the past year with an annual report you can share with your community. We help you celebrate your staff, patients and health system with a public-facing report.

A healthcare content agency: the missing piece to your marketing puzzle.

Style Guides for Healthcare Organizations

Align your marketing content with a style guide that helps you show up online as one unified health brand. Build trust with your audience and boost brand recognition by giving readers a consistent experience across marketing channels.

Get healthcare content writing services that deliver results.

Healthcare Blogs

Increase traffic to your website and earn your readers’ trust. Our search engine-optimized blogs and articles communicate your expertise, nurture readers through the customer journey and build your brand’s reputation as a trusted source of healthcare information.