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Case Studies

Content is hard. We make it easy.

These case studies show our broad range of content expertise: from strategic audits to increase visitor engagement, to developing content strategies to guide a redesign to increasing traffic for blogs.



Content Marketing and Content Development

Based on the custom content we created, our client significantly increased engagement with its community. Their website showed a 100% increase in online donations as well as a 252% increase in visitors.

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Content Marketing and Custom Content

Discover how we increased physician engagement, media exposure and organic search traffic by implementing a new blogging strategy for Inova’s physicians’ blog posts.

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Increase Facebook traffic by 28%

Content Strategy and Content Training

Explore how we created an editorial toolkit and empowered one hospital system's content team to create content that made organic traffic and engagement on multiple channels soar.

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Communicate your brand's value

Content Strategy and Content Development

Learn how we developed personas, identity pillars, a messaging architecture and voice and tone guidelines to write new content for Time, Inc.’s site after spinning off from Time Warner.

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Increase patient engagement by 20%

Content Audit and Content Strategy

Discover how we mapped the content landscape for this healthcare system, and rewrote content based on our findings for improved user experience (UX) and search engine optimization (SEO).

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Henry Ford Health System

Increase hospital blog traffic 800%

Content Strategy and Custom Content

Explore how we increased traffic to Henry Ford's LiveWell blog by creating an effective content strategy and custom content that increased traffic and engagement to their wellness content and programs.

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Leverage existing content assets for social media

Healthcare Content Development

See how we helped a major healthcare system increase their social media engagement through a content marketing campaign that leveraged already existing content assets.

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