You know what I do at night? I sit down and watch Instagram. (I’m also in the middle of bingeing “The Wire.” Please don’t shame me for being behind.)

Instagram is quickly becoming the new TV. With stories, they’ve revolutionized the way people watch content. And while Snapchat first introduced this form of content, Instagram is a better platform for the coveted age group of 34-45.

So are you using Instagram well? Let’s find out how to make it a destination for your customers.

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5 tips for building a content strategy for Instagram

Instagram has become a happy place for people who want a break from the harsh political postings of Facebook. And there’s so much GREAT content on Instagram for so many different interests: cooking, exercise, fashion, sports – you name it.

So, how can you use it to your brand’s advantage?

  1. Watch experienced Instagrammers: Before you dive in, make sure to watch other Grammers who have been publishing for a while. Search for topics that interest you, or interest your audiences, and keep a tab on what they post to their feed and to their stories. You’ll get some great ideas on how to publish, what to publish and how to decorate your pictures and videos.
  2. Publish stories every day: I’m disappointed when my favorite Grammers don’t publish. Even if it’s just one or two stories, I’m excited to see what they’re up to. So make sure you publish something – even if it’s one thing – every day.
  3. Focus on people: Make stories about people, not your brand. Find the human interest stories in your brand – like how you’ve helped customers and what products or services you can offer people. You can always put links in your bio to more content on your site that will round out the full picture of your organization.
  4. Hashtag wisely: In posts, people will sometimes use up to 20-25 hashtags. That’s probably too many unless you have a far-reaching brand. Start with around 10.
  5. Experiment!: Try new things. Give your Instagram feed over to an influencer, or someone within your company who knows how to represent your brand. Play with it. It’s a creative channel, and showing your surprising and fun side will get you positive attention.

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