As fans of all things healthcare marketing, we love poring over the year’s best hospital commercials and sharing our favorites. It’s hard not to get excited about visual storytelling focused on health and wellness. Here are some standouts from 2021 and 2020.

This year’s review includes commercials that are innovative, entertaining and tug at our heartstrings. But that’s not all. They echo many of healthcare’s hottest trends. The commercials provide an introspective look at who we are as an industry and get us excited for what is yet to come in 2023 and beyond.

Trend 1: Community Focus

When people are sick or injured, they often turn to providers in their community. It’s comforting to patients and their families when they don’t have to travel far to see a doctor. What’s on-trend in 2022 is using this as a marketing strategy.

Kaweah Health

Clinicians in the tight-knit community that Kaweah Health serves likely frequent the same shops, ball games and gathering places as their patients. Living in the same towns and experiencing life together (even though they might not know each other) strengthens the organization’s dedication to the people they serve.

Community Health Network MD Anderson Cancer Center

This commercial shows how Community Health Network looks out for its patients by bringing world-class cancer care to Indiana. These efforts are in keeping with the notion that with community comes support, so patients don’t have to feel alone when they are sick.


Trend 2: Diversity in Healthcare

Diversity, equity and inclusion was a big healthcare industry trend in 2022 and has been for a few years. Savvy hospitals are drawing on the diversity of their existing teams to help everyone feel welcome, whether they need care, are visiting a loved one or are seeking employment.


Sutter Health

This commercial showcases Sutter Health clinicians, employees and patients. The two-minute montage highlights various ages, races, cultures and abilities, driving home the point that a lot of small details go into the excellent care they provide.


Trend 3: Healthcare Consumerism

Consumerism is changing many aspects of health delivery, especially access. Hospitals are using innovative methods to connect patients with care at times and locations that meet their preferences.

Covenant Health

Covenant Health shows how providing care on patients’ terms can save lives. A man with ongoing chest pain decided to get it checked out only when he learned that cardiologists were available in nearby clinics.


MedStar Health

MedStar Health understands that access is as essential to its patients as the high-quality, compassionate care the organization is known for. This commercial demonstrates their flexible offerings, including same-day appointments, weekend urgent care clinics and virtual visits.

Trend 4: Innovation

Innovation is an evergreen healthcare industry trend. But sharing advances in the field with consumers in a relatable way can be challenging. Top hospital commercials in this category highlight patient benefits and use plain language to explain what’s new and exciting at their organization.

Mass General Brigham

This Mass General Brigham commercial leaves no doubt that patients receive outstanding care. It’s short and sweet while highlighting benefits that patients can appreciate, like receiving treatments from doctors conducting transformative research.


Henry Ford Health*

Henry Ford Health provides examples of amazing care and outcomes through the eyes of its clinical team, staff and patients. They show how innovation is helping patients with severe conditions beat the odds and get back to their everyday lives.


Trend 5: Pediatric Patient Empowerment

Pediatric content often focuses on the family caregiver’s point of view. But school-aged children are often old enough to understand their treatment plan and what they want to get out of it. These commercials put pediatric patients in the driver’s seat and show how doctors tailor care to their needs and goals.

New York-Presbyterian

Doctors at New York-Presbyterian weren’t going to let scoliosis hold a girl back from playing softball. The field was where she was meant to be. After spinal surgery, she is living her dream and playing at the college level.


Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago*

A pediatric heart specialist and former gymnast from Lurie Children’s walks on her hands to get her patient to take medications. Need we say more?


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