I really didn’t feel like writing this blog post.

I’ve been buried knee deep in projects, with no time to think about what to write about—not usual for me. Nothing significant seemed to be jumping out at me, begging to be written and shared.

But, this blog post was just staring at me on my to-do list. Staring and staring and making eye contact and just not letting go.

But luckily, I do this for a living. I have some tips and solutions for you that might help when you don’t really feel like creating content either.

5 Tips for Creating Content

  • Keep a list handy: I keep a list when I get ideas, or when I feel inspired by a topic. In fact, a conversation with a client inspired this post: She always felt like she and her team were running out of ideas for content to write. I happen to keep my list in Google Docs, but a running piece of paper or document on your computer will suffice.
  • Scan social media or the blogosphere: Everyone has their favorite bloggers and twitter hashtags that they follow. By keeping up to date on current conversations, you can make sure you are in touch with what people want to talk about.
  • Solicit those you know: Consider sending an email out to three or four colleagues who know your industry. They can also help you craft creative communiques when you’re feeling less than inspired.
  • Examine back issues or older content: Sometimes I’ll scan through older blog posts or issues of this newsletter to see topics we’ve covered. I’ll ask myself, “Do I have anything to add to this conversation now?” Updating content can help enliven the conversation and keep it fresh.
  • Just put your head down and do it: Stephen King tells an awesome story in his book On Writing about his manuscript of Carrie, his first bestseller. He wasn’t happy with the way the story was developing and so he threw the first 75 pages away. He came to find his wife reading the crumpled pages, dirty with cigarette ash from the trash. He describes, “She wanted me to go on with it, she said. She wanted to know the rest of the story.”  Sometimes it’s worth it to just starting writing; you never know what magic may appear on the page.


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