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Category: Content development/ Copywriting

How to Become a Better Writer in Just 5 Minutes a Day

At Aha Media, our team of experienced writers produces content that resonates with readers and converts them to customers. How do we hone our skills, keep our writing sharp and consistently turn out high-quality content? We write – often. We write, we write again, and we write some more. Becoming a strong writer takes commitment…. Read more

5 Ways to Get Juicy Quotes From Interview Subjects 

My first writing/editing job was for a university magazine. I regularly interviewed academics, fundraising experts, administrators and student services professionals. I was a good writer, but a horrible interviewer. Talking to university folks was a necessary but dreaded task. And my attitude about interviewing came through to my subjects. They often answered my questions in… Read more

The Art of Revising

You’ve written your piece, it’s coherent, readable, somewhat put together. But to make your draft sing, you need to take a few extra steps, including performing a thorough edit. That’s where good old proofreading comes in. Editing Pro-Tips The word revision means “to see again.” Is it any wonder that the key to successful revising… Read more

8 Ways to Keep Copy Short and Sweet to Make an Impact

There’s a reason for the cliché “short and sweet.” People like it when you get to the point. And since our attention span is about on par with a goldfish (meaning we both lose interest after about 8 seconds), it’s essential to get in, say your thing and get out – stat! A study published… Read more

Top 3 Trends from Content Marketing World

I was lucky enough to attend the Content Marketing World convention this month in sunny Cleveland. The best and the brightest content marketing minds converged to share their learnings, promote their accomplishments and tried desperately (and fruitlessly) to run into Tina Fey, the keynote speaker. These were the trends I observed over 3 days spent… Read more

The Clock Is Ticking: 6 Steps for Getting the Most Out of Healthcare Stakeholder Interviews

This article is the second in our 3-part series on tips for interviewing healthcare stakeholders and using the information to create engaging, robust content. Read part 1: 3 Steps to Prep for Interviewing a Healthcare Stakeholder. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to interview a stakeholder who has the information you need to pull together… Read more

3 Steps to Prep for Interviewing a Healthcare Stakeholder

This article is the first in our 3-part series on tips for interviewing stakeholders and using the information you get to create engaging and empathetic content. When I first started out as a health writer, the notion of interviewing a stakeholder was terrifying. Like many of my fellow writers, my gift is the written word,… Read more

Content Magician: Susanna Donato

Welcome back to our Content Magician series, where we introduce you to a member of our talented team each month. Susanna’s Unique Point of View Susanna Donato lives surrounded by the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Perhaps it should be no surprise, then, that perspective is one of her greatest strengths as a senior writer and… Read more

Writing Tips From the Editor Who Rejects Everything

I attend the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) conference nearly every May. This year, the keynote speaker was Dan Jones. (Who?) Well, have you ever read the Modern Love column of The New York Times? (Of course you have!) Jones is the editor of that column. Hearing from the editor who (almost) always… Read more

5 Tips for Writers – Plus, a New One Every Wednesday

To up your writing game, all you need is Instagram or LinkedIn and 2-3 minutes per week. And what writer isn’t looking to up their game? Even seasoned professionals can use fresh ideas and inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. Every week, we share a new piece of writing advice on Instagram and LinkedIn,… Read more