Short and sweet? Or detailed and comprehensive? If you’re building a physician marketing strategy, you’ve heard conflicting feedback about what kind of content doctors and subject matter experts want. Doctors even have opinions about what other doctors want.

Physicians are smart, academic, well-trained and highly educated. So they must want detailed, exhaustive content, right? But they’re also busy. Healthcare professionals need the bottom line immediately. Give it to them straight using data, numbers, charts and as few words as possible.

And while physicians understand medical jargon, they are humans, too. They want clear, straightforward language, just like patients. Let’s look at some research together and explore actionable strategies to create clear physician marketing content that performs.

During this webinar, Ahava Leibtag covers:

  1. How to create content that educates and engages physicians.
  2. What content channels physicians and healthcare professionals prefer.
  3. Ways to present data to doctors that convinces them to cut the medical jargon.
  4. Real-world examples of best practices (and some lessons we can learn) from healthcare content.

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