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Say My (Consumer-Friendly) Name, Say My (Consumer-Friendly) Name …

To reach more patients, sometimes you have to make like Beyoncé and change your (page) name. Developing clinical program and service names is not for the faint of heart: The name needs to reflect your clinicians’ expertise, honor financial donors and align with your organization’s mission. But often, a name that checks those boxes is… Read more

Creating Video Content? 4 Reasons to Consider Animation

Animation isn’t just for kids anymore. Although “animated videos” may conjure memories of munching on cereal while watching Saturday morning cartoons, these types of videos help people understand more “grown up” topics such as vascular surgery and incision cleaning. You know how essential video marketing is for your organization, since users retain 95% of video… Read more

Get Real: Humanize Your Content to Turn Readers Into Patients

Health content communicators and marketers: How can you raise your content level from “resonating with the audience” to “motivating them to take action?” You know your target audience: They have questions about their health and they’re looking to you for answers. You know how to reach them: Write empathetic, factual content that trumpets your brand’s… Read more

Why You Need to Add Patient Education Material to Your Website, Pronto

Get ready to write about GERD. (And diabetes, bunions and concussions.) Patient education materials are the new must-have for a successful digital marketing strategy. You need online content describing conditions, tests and treatments for the information-hungry consumer. Yes, this type of health information already exists on sites such as WebMD. But why lose users to… Read more

Palliative Care Content: How to Write It

Not everyone in your audience wants to “live their best life” or “get back to an active lifestyle.” Some simply wish to feel better. It’s time to turn the spotlight on a health topic that can help them: palliative care. This crash course in palliative care content discusses what this service is (and isn’t), why… Read more

4 Ways Stakeholder Interviews Amp Up Your Content

This article is the third in our 3-part series on tips for interviewing stakeholders and using the information to create engaging, robust content. Start with part 1: 3 Steps to Prep for Interviewing a Healthcare Stakeholder Healthcare marketers know that a digital marketing strategy is like a bonfire – you need a lot of logs… Read more

The Clock Is Ticking: 6 Steps for Getting the Most Out of Healthcare Stakeholder Interviews

This article is the second in our 3-part series on tips for interviewing healthcare stakeholders and using the information to create engaging, robust content. Read part 1: 3 Steps to Prep for Interviewing a Healthcare Stakeholder. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to interview a stakeholder who has the information you need to pull together… Read more

3 Steps to Prep for Interviewing a Healthcare Stakeholder

This article is the first in our 3-part series on tips for interviewing stakeholders and using the information you get to create engaging and empathetic content. When I first started out as a health writer, the notion of interviewing a stakeholder was terrifying. Like many of my fellow writers, my gift is the written word,… Read more

6 Steps to Blog Writing Magic

Writing web content has become my modus operandi. So when an opportunity came up to write for the Aha Media blog a few months ago, I was intrigued but skeptical. I didn’t see myself as a blogger. But I’m always trying to hone my craft – so I decided to give it a go. After… Read more

6 Visual Content Marketing Tips

Recently, we talked about how visual content marketing boosts the visibility of your content and helps users retain key messages. Visuals such as images and videos are content marketing awesome sauce because they require less brainwork than words do. And nothing builds loyalty faster than a good online experience. If I see a dress online… Read more

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