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5 Steps to Fight Fake Healthcare News with Trustworthy Content

You work hard to create trustworthy content that helps people make informed healthcare decisions. But fake health news is a real problem — and causing real damage. How Google is Fighting Fake Healthcare News Google and social media channels are combating the problem by: Rewarding sites that have reliable content Penalizing ones that produce inaccurate,… Read more

9 Tips for Online Reputation Management

There’s no doubt about it, online reputation management is essential for businesses of all sizes. Enhancements to universal search such as embedded videos and indented news results are drawing user’s eyes (and clicks) further down the page. If there’s negative information online about your brand, users are more likely than ever to find it. In… Read more

Why Your Web Traffic Doesn’t Convert

As a marketer, it would seem that syndicated content makes your life easier. It’s content already written, presumably for your audience, and probably drives search traffic to your website. But, if the main thrust of your content strategy is using syndicated content on your website, you’re in trouble. And that’s not just my opinion: 69… Read more

Confessions of a Content Strategist: Emmelyn Wang

As we discussed in last month’s Confessions of a Content Strategist, with Jenny Magic, the need for a new role within content strategy is emerging—the content engineer. Who is that person who can translate for the content marketing teams and the software engineers and keep everything in line for the customer? Meet Emmelyn Wang, a… Read more

Do You Have a Content Strategy for Wearable Technology?

Darwin said it best, “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” Wearable technology is coming to a wrist near you and if you’re involved in content creation, you need to be ready. There are hundreds of industries that will benefit from wearable technology,… Read more

Why Thank YOU is Better

Now is a good time of year to talk about how you treat your audience. Are you thankful for them? Do you make your readers feel your concern and understanding of their unique pain points? Is your content warm and inviting, demonstrating that gratitude? Today, we’re going to share one trick that will help you… Read more

The Do’s and Don’ts of Building a Branded Hospital App

You may be surprised to learn that there are only a few hundred hospital branded apps available on the App Store. With such a small playing field, building one for your hospital can definitely help you stand out. But, before committing resources to this effort – the cost of developing a custom branded app is… Read more

You Cannot Afford a Bad Online Reputation

Let’s face it, people are talking about your brand – and not always in a positive way. Whether it’s true or not, negative information can hurt your brand.Potential customers, business partners, employees, and investors are all looking at your brand’s digital footprint. This includes mentions in social media and blogs, review sites, the media and… Read more

Do You Care More About SEO or UX?

I know one of the most pressing issues on your mind is how your customers find your content. That’s because we field hundreds of questions every year about strategic SEO and writing for organic search. But… are you also thinking about what happens when users start engaging with your pages? If people find your content,… Read more

Confessions of a Content Strategist: Jenny Magic

Imagine you are on a website buying clothing for your son, and the website immediately takes you to the section for his size and age. Or, what if you are presented with an online ad for pet food, and the headline matches your pet’s breed and age? That’s the promise of personalized content, and it’s… Read more