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5 Steps to Fight Fake Healthcare News with Trustworthy Content

You work hard to create trustworthy content that helps people make informed healthcare decisions. But fake health news is a real problem — and causing real damage. How Google is Fighting Fake Healthcare News Google and social media channels are combating the problem by: Rewarding sites that have reliable content Penalizing ones that produce inaccurate,… Read more

5 Things Taylor Swift Teaches Us About Effective Content

Taylor Swift knows her audience. Just look at her power: Yesterday Apple agreed with her Tumblr post that artists need to be paid when streaming music during the three-month free trial of their new music service, Apple Music. Now you may not be Taylor Swift, but there’s tons to learn from her about how to… Read more

Learn to Define Like Ethan Hawke

When I was 18, I watched the movie, Reality Bites, about a group of recent college grads (the so-called Generation X) trying to establish a foothold in the world. Winona Ryder played the main character, Lelaina. At a job interview, her potential boss challenges her to define irony. And she can’t. Later in the movie,… Read more

Managing Content Projects with Success and Panache

So often in digital projects, we push content to the bottom of the pile, or the end of the timeline. As we evolve our strategies, we’re learning that content really needs to come first. At the Now What? Conference in Sioux Falls on April 30th, Ahava showed the audience how to avoid this problem and… Read more

Do You Focus on FAB or the Pocket?

The day was October 23, 2001. Steve Jobs was wearing his famous black turtleneck and a pair of blue jeans. As he paced across the stage, he talked about the popularity of music and how Apple was going to be the leader in the digital music revolution. Then Jobs introduced the iPod’s features and explained… Read more

Beyond Plain Language: Using Interactive Content to Improve Health Literacy

Only one in 10 adults has the skills to obtain, process and use online health information. Even people with advanced skills can have difficulty when they are dealing with stress or illness. In the five years since the Affordable Care Act set the stage for improving health literacy, health care organizations across the country have… Read more

Meet the New Aha Media

You know how they say you have to walk in your customers’ shoes to understand them? Well, that’s what we did these past few months, as Aha Media underwent our first-ever rebrand. We’re about to embark upon on our 10th year of business. Thank you to all of you who have made us a major destination… Read more

Confessions of a Content Strategist: Tenessa Gemelke

If I have to introduce you to Tenessa, well then you’re missing all the fabulous content strategy parties of the year….and cake.  A once content strategist in publishing and at Brain Traffic, Tenessa is the mastermind and owner of the content strategy fanny pack—meaning, she is the woman who plans Confab Events every year. She… Read more

Bad Content: Michael Blumfield, Guest Blogger

Content, as Ahava noted earlier, can be good and, um, not so good. Here are a few examples I’ve come across recently that are just plain bad. 1. The Information Pile-Up This happens when people want to tell you every single feature and benefit of their product or service RIGHT NOW. These writers seem to… Read more

The 3 Hallmarks of Bad Content

Much has been written about what makes content good. But, what if there were a way to recognize the hallmarks of bad content, so you could plan for better content? Besides the obvious, like high bounce rates and lack of conversions on the page, how can you tell when you really need a heavy-duty rewrite… Read more