Author: Malka Goldberg

3 Tips to Create Inclusive Coronavirus Content

Coronavirus messaging has changed rapidly over the past few weeks — and will continue to evolve as the situation progresses. As healthcare communicators grapple with the daily (sometimes hourly) changes, ensure that your content consistently speaks with sensitivity toward high-risk groups.

About Malka Goldberg

Malka Goldberg, editor

Malka excels at comprehensive editing, with a knack for proofreading coupled with a strategic view of how each piece of content fits into the bigger picture. She has worked on healthcare content ranging from tweets to 100-page research studies and everything in between.

Adept at adopting a client’s unique voice, Malka is skilled at writing and editing technical content on topics in which she has no formal background (e.g. electrical engineering). She has even edited content in a language she doesn’t speak. Malka graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park, with a BA in Communication and a minor in International Development and Conflict Management.

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