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Author: Michael Morton

What’s The Best Webpage Length for Your Healthcare Site?

When it comes to webpage length and SEO, we all want the certainty of Goldilocks: A page that’s not too long, not too short, but juuuust right. With that kind of confidence, we’d all live happily ever after, right? Maybe, but a problem stands in our way: Page ranking lacks the clear cause and effect… Read more

Don’t Tank Your SEO: Choose the Right Keywords

Sometimes, using a keyword tool feels like shopping on Amazon. You suspect the perfect choice is out there, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the suggestions. Do you go with the most popular item, even if it doesn’t quite fit your needs? What if you spot a great match but then realize it only… Read more

About Michael Morton

As a health writer, Michael seeks to make complex and important topics accessible to his readers. He previously covered health care for a daily paper in Massachusetts. In addition to completing a national health reporting fellowship, Michael holds a BA from Northwestern University and an MS from Columbia Journalism School. His work has been honored by the National Association of Health Care Journalists.