Author: Teri Cettina

Medical-writer Turned Patient: Tips on Empathy in Content

Aha Media Group writer Teri Cettina switched roles, from health copywriter to patient, when she was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. I had just finished a project for a children’s hospital website. It was a tough job. After all, medical writing requires a delicate balance. We need to provide clear, useful information while conveying… Read more

5 Ways to Get Juicy Quotes From Interview Subjects 

My first writing/editing job was for a university magazine. I regularly interviewed academics, fundraising experts, administrators and student services professionals. I was a good writer, but a horrible interviewer. Talking to university folks was a necessary but dreaded task. And my attitude about interviewing came through to my subjects. They often answered my questions in… Read more

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Teri Cettina

Teri Cettina has written about financial issues, parenting and health for more than 20 years. She deftly handles both consumer-oriented and business-to-business content. Her byline has appeared in major newsstand magazines, including Real Simple, Reader’s Digest, Parents and Working Mother. Teri also creates strategic, d... More >