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Tag: Digital marketing

4 Ways Stakeholder Interviews Amp Up Your Content

This article is the third in our 3-part series on tips for interviewing stakeholders and using the information to create engaging, robust content. Start with part 1: 3 Steps to Prep for Interviewing a Healthcare Stakeholder Healthcare marketers know that a digital marketing strategy is like a bonfire – you need a lot of logs… Read more

4 Ways to Add Video to Your Marketing Strategy

What videos have you created for your organization’s marketing strategy? If the answer is “None, Ahava,” don’t worry. We’ve got some ideas to get you started. Video Content Is Becoming King Video is the top way to connect with consumers on virtually every social channel: A Facebook video reaches 135% more people organically than images… Read more

How to Make Your Content Findable

Your content isn’t really useful or valuable until people can find it. So how do you get your content in front of the right people? The answer is 3 letters – but 3 letters that often cause panic because it seems so overwhelming: S – E – O But don’t panic. Our team of SEO experts has prepared an SEO… Read more

How to Use Your Facebook Budget

Remember billboards? Some of us aren’t lucky enough to forget. Because our executives are still asking us to buy ad space on them. Sometimes, it seems like Facebook ads are the new billboards: We’re spending money on ads that don’t necessarily help us achieve our goals. A Facebook ad only goes so far. If we… Read more

6 Visual Content Marketing Tips

Recently, we talked about how visual content marketing boosts the visibility of your content and helps users retain key messages. Visuals such as images and videos are content marketing awesome sauce because they require less brainwork than words do. And nothing builds loyalty faster than a good online experience. If I see a dress online… Read more

For Winning Content, Take a Cue from Cooking Videos

I’m a foodie, and since I can’t spend my whole day eating, I sometimes get my fix by watching cooking videos. Thanks to the magic of time-lapse video, good eats (Ultimate Pad Thai 2 Ways, anyone?) come together in less than one minute. These videos are entertaining. They’re informative. I can’t stop watching them. And… Read more

The Top 10 Financial Services Commercials of 2017

We love commercials. Really well done, thoughtful, humorous, inspiring ones, that is. For the past 5 years, we have curated The Top 10 Hospital Commercials of each year. Last year we added a bonus: The 10 Best Health Insurance Commercials of 2016. (See, we’re not joking. We really love commercials). This year, we’re expanding in… Read more

Why is Healthcare Digital Strategy Setting Marketing Strategy?

Several of our healthcare clients have confided that they have a rather large challenge within their organizations. Digital strategists are setting overall marketing and content strategy. That might be problematic, for a lot of reasons. Why is this happening? And how can we fix it? (And, it is happening to you?) Fix This Foundational Problem… Read more

Do You Know the Difference Between Content Marketing and Sales?

A friend once asked me, “Do you know the difference between marketing and sales?” When I said no, he said, “In sales you call them. With marketing, they call you.” In content marketing, we want to develop a relationship with our customers. So isn’t that the same thing as sales? Let’s find out together if… Read more

The Growing Potential of Podcasts

A couple of weeks ago, Ian Altman invited me to appear on his podcast, “Grow My Revenue Business Cast” (listen to the full podcast). The experience got me thinking about whether marketers are truly maximizing this unique channel to the fullest effect. I hear so many people on a daily basis ask “what is podcasting?” and… Read more