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You cannot manage what you cannot measure. Measure what matters with a content audit.

How can we help you?

Often, clients ask us to write new content or edit existing content for a content refresh. Our first step? Understanding their current content landscape through a content audit.

What does the content look like right now? How is it performing? Armed with this real data, we can then help make the best decision about how to change and improve content.

Our approach

There are 3 types of content audits and assessments we provide:

Strategic content assessments

We examine your content to assess the overall quality and clarity of messaging. We evaluate content for:

  • Alignment with business objectives
  • Web writing best practices
  • Audience, voice and tone guidelines
  • Search engine best practices
  • Usability best practices
  • Web analytics performance

After our content audit, we recommend content opportunities and best practices that make sense for your organization. If you’re looking for content development, we seamlessly take that strategy and turn it into content that delivers results.

Competitive gap analyses

We take a deep dive into your competitors’ content to analyze what they’re doing well and where you have an advantage (or where you can create one). We review the competition’s:

  • Website navigation and usability
  • Content organization
  • Content types and distribution
  • Voice and tone
  • SEO and web writing competencies

With these content audit findings, we present key areas of opportunity for content development within your organization. Learn more about our competitive gap analyses.

Multidimensional content maps

We build a map of your web pages, so you can see how they all relate and link. Then we overlay your analytics data so you can see how customers are moving throughout the site. These maps help you:

  • Understand how your content is performing overall
  • Decide how to move ahead with website redesigns
  • Streamline workflow processes

After analyzing the content maps, we grade each page. Then a full picture emerges of how your content is performing. We also recommend options to fill content gaps with content your users are searching for on the web.

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Need to convince your team that it’s time to start a content audit, assessment or competitive gap analysis? Here’s a brief synopsis of what Aha Media can do for you.

Content Audit and Content Strategy

Increase patient engagement by 20%

Discover how we mapped the content landscape for this healthcare system, and rewrote content based on our findings for improved user experience (UX) and search engine optimization (SEO).

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Content Strategy and Custom Content

Increase hospital blog traffic by 330%

Explore how we increased traffic to Henry Ford's LiveWell blog by creating an effective content strategy and custom content that increased traffic and engagement to their wellness content and programs.

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Testimonials from Our Content Discovery Clients

“Social engagement starts with great content, a truth that Aha Media knows well. They marry content strategy with a holistic approach to web strategy and social engagement. What will inspire action? Spark emotion? And motivate your audiences to share with the people that they care about? Aha Media always digs for answers and points the way.

“Aha Media worked with our firm to help educate us on content strategy using their skills, tools, and proven framework for a broad firm wide content initiative as we evolve to meet the needs of our clients. Not only is Aha Media one of the best in the field, but they were engaged with the best interests of our clients and our firm right from the start of our project. Aha Media is and continues to be committed to the success of our business and continuing to help us use content as a strategic asset for the benefit of our clients. We are very pleased with the results of our engagement and would welcome working with the Aha Media team in the future.

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