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[Video] Amanda Todorovich of Cleveland Clinic Talks COVID-19 Content Marketing

“What Did You Learn?” Episode 1 There’s no denying: The coronavirus pandemic taught healthcare communicators (and marketers in general) a lot. This is especially true when it comes to COVID-19 content marketing. We learned to listen. We witnessed the importance of timely, credible information written in plain language. And while we should’ve been doing this… Read more

Coronavirus Communications Done Right: 7 Examples

In seemingly no time at all, the coronavirus has upended our world. People who had never heard of COVID-19 a few months ago are spending their days frantically researching and seeking coronavirus-related information.

8 Financial Services Companies Crushing It on Instagram

Everybody and their cousin (and their friend who’s really into multi-level marketing) has a Facebook page. Which means it’s easy for a brand’s marketing efforts to get drowned out – no matter how good they are. On Instagram, however, engagement rates remain high. One study found the platform had 58 times more engagement than Facebook…. Read more

4 Ways to Add Video to Your Marketing Strategy

What videos have you created for your organization’s marketing strategy? If the answer is “None, Ahava,” don’t worry. We’ve got some ideas to get you started. Video Content Is Becoming King Video is the top way to connect with consumers on virtually every social channel: A Facebook video reaches 135% more people organically than images… Read more

Writing Tips From the Editor Who Rejects Everything

I attend the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) conference nearly every May. This year, the keynote speaker was Dan Jones. (Who?) Well, have you ever read the Modern Love column of The New York Times? (Of course you have!) Jones is the editor of that column. Hearing from the editor who (almost) always… Read more

5 Ways to Use Your Content Again (and Again!) to Fill a Social Media Calendar

You love keeping your organization’s social media channels active and engaging. There’s nothing quite like sending out that tweet or Instagram post that really connects with your audience. (And isn’t it fun to watch the likes, comments and retweets rack up?) A Social Media Plan: Not as Scary as it Sounds Social media can’t be… Read more

How to Make Your Content Findable

Your content isn’t really useful or valuable until people can find it. So how do you get your content in front of the right people? The answer is 3 letters – but 3 letters that often cause panic because it seems so overwhelming: S – E – O But don’t panic. Our team of SEO experts has prepared an SEO… Read more

Building a Content Strategy for Instagram

You know what I do at night? I sit down and watch Instagram. (I’m also in the middle of bingeing “The Wire.” Please don’t shame me for being behind.) Instagram is quickly becoming the new TV. With stories, they’ve revolutionized the way people watch content. And while Snapchat first introduced this form of content, Instagram… Read more

Wrapping SEO into Your Content Strategy Process

“Our content isn’t really useful or valuable until people can find it. And so, it’s really important for us I think, as content strategists, to really embrace the best practices of SEO.“- Ahava Leibtag How do we make sure that we are wrapping SEO into our content strategy? Not only do we need to include… Read more

What Are the Most Helpful Kind of Audits?

Welcome to part four of our 4-part series about content auditing. You can catch up on last week’s post on “What am I supposed to do with an audit once I’ve done one? How do I make it matter within my organization?” This week, our content strategists, Anna Hrach, Katie Giraulo and Talia Eisen, answer: What type of audit… Read more

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