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How to Avoid the Template of Doom

Content templates help both designers and content creators determine the limitations of the design when it comes to building content within a format. Hallmarks of content templates include: character counts, guidance on meta data and direction on how to write. But sometimes they fail. Here’s why.

How Long Should Your Content be for SEO?

Recently, a client told us they wanted to write 2,500-word articles on healthcare topics to increase their findability on search engines.
And we gulped. 2,500 words on any topic sounds like a lot. And even if it would increase your findability, would people really stay and read it? So we did what we love to do — researched the topic to find out if this strategy makes sense. Here’s what we found out.

3 Ways to Feed Your Hospital’s CRM

Is your CRM a hungry content beast that’s difficult to feed? As hospitals and health systems embrace Customer Relationship Management tools (CRM), they are learning the challenges of writing, editing and maintaining content designed to drive relationships. Being able to capture your traffic’s personal details and nurture your relationship with your audience is why CRMs were born. Here are 3 ways to maximize your success.

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