The Ultimate Guide to AI for Healthcare Marketers + Do’s and Don’ts Cheatsheet What You Need to Know
The Ultimate Guide to AI for Healthcare Marketers + Do’s and Don’ts Cheatsheet What You Need to Know

If your website isn’t converting, look no further than your landing page. Landing pages aren’t like other web pages. Their one purpose is to convert visitors to customers. “Good” conversion rates vary by industry, but experts suggest anything less than 2% is ripe for improvement.

There is no magic formula, but most successful landing pages include:

  • A clear, concise call to action (CTA): Don’t be shy about what you want visitors to do. Encourage them to venture down your marketing funnel by asking them to perform one specific action.
  • Clean, simple design: Your landing page’s appearance (or lack thereof) has a strong influence on its ability to convert. Successful landing pages make smart use of white space, color and images.
  • Compelling content: Use relevant content to capture your visitor’s attention and show them what you offer. Visitors should be able to distill the main points of your landing page by scanning it, so keep your messaging crisp.
  • Trust symbols: There’s no better way to build trust with potential customers than trust symbols. Visual cues, such as the Good Housekeeping seal, can immediately bolster your credibility. People will be less anxious working with you if they know others have had a good experience.

To Maximize Conversion, Follow These 12 Tips:

  1. Start your CTA with a verb: “support our cause”, “register for…” or “make an appointment.”
  2. Put your CTA in a place where users expect it to find it: The ideal location depends on your layout, but you can’t go wrong with the top or bottom of the page. Or both.
  3. Make sure your CTA is the only action a user can take on that page: Links to other information belong on interior pages.
  4. Use color and design to draw attention to your CTA, but don’t go overboard. Your visitor’s eye should gravitate to your CTA, but it shouldn’t smack them in the face.
  5. Test your landing pages: Make sure they load quickly across all major browsers and device types.
  6. Include one colorful, high-resolution image to reinforce your primary message.
  7. Use eye-catching headlines that address your visitor’s needs.
  8. Get to the point quickly and save details about things like your team or the inspiration for your product or service for interior pages.
  9. Offer a succinct list of features and benefits that appeal to your visitor’s pain points. Just be careful not to overshadow your CTA.
  10. Appeal to your visitor’s rational senses with facts, logic, and data, and their emotional needs with stories, pictures of people and testimonials.
  11. Display logos of well-known brands you work with or have been recognized by such as the Norton™ Secured seal for website security and the Better Business Bureau.
  12. Demonstrate your authority by sharing relevant accolades: If your brand fares well in customer satisfaction surveys or online review sites, be sure to mention this.

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