2017 is almost over. But we’re not winding down – just the opposite. We’re gearing up for what’s going to be a huge year in healthcare marketing, social media and content strategy.

How do we know it’s going to be a huge year? Because we went to the experts and asked them. We talked to the industry’s leaders and found out what they think will be the Next Big Thing in healthcare marketing.

The healthcare marketing trends of 2018

While we got lots of interesting and varied answers (Chatbots! Analytics! The consumer experience!), one thing was clear: Healthcare marketing, which may have lagged behind other industries like retail, is catching up. This is the year, our experts predict, that healthcare marketing will not only meet but exceed consumers’ expectations. And it will do that through hard data, a clear vision, using technology to find out what healthcare consumers really want – and then delivering it.

Get a list of healthcare marketing trends of 2018 in this PDF. We’re excited to share our free eBook with you: 18 Healthcare Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018.


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