Millennial moms are coming for your healthcare content. Consider this: 90% of all new mothers today are millennials. That means they’re searching health topics such as, “how to clear up diaper rash,” “what are signs of mastitis” and “when will my baby sleep through the night??” And the information they search for will continue to grow as their children do.

90% of all new mothers today are millennials, & they spend $750 billion each year. The information they search for will continue to grow as their children do. Click To Tweet

These 17 million millennial moms aren’t just eyeballs on your content. This powerful group spends $750 billion annually.

If your healthcare organization hasn’t been marketing specifically to this influential audience, it’s time to start.

How to Ideate and Write for Millennial Moms

Get to know them

Born between 1981 and 1996, these parents want convenience, brands and products that fit into their lives. Saving time and money is their most important value, so they’ll devour content that addresses life hacks around raising children, working and budgeting.

Give it to them straight

These moms connect with authentic, relatable experiences. 45% say they are turned off by influencers that come across as fake. Ensure your content is real and believable, and emphasize why it should matter to them.

Understand them, then write for them

Did you know that most millennial moms get their exercise from walking and running? It makes sense: Who has time to go to a barre or spin class when you’re taking care of your kids? So write content that will appeal to those types of exercise, like:

  • Can you nurse after working up a sweat?
  • Should you jog with your newborn?
  • What’s the best sports bra for a nursing mom?

Empathize their huge lifestyle change

Everyone tells you this, but you don’t believe it until it happens to you: Having a baby is like a bomb going off in your life. It changes EVERYTHING. And millennial moms might not be prepared for the exhausting work. Provide the right mix of practical and emotional content, like:

  • How to manage the “who should sleep” conversation with your partner
  • How long does it really take for everything to go back to normal?
  • Caring for an infant isn’t all cute clothing and the hippest strollers

Reach them on social media

Millennial moms use Facebook to access their parenting groups (sharing blogs definitely happens here). But they also love Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. When considering your content strategy for those channels, make sure to include topics that are of specific interest for millennial moms.

Millennial Moms Aren’t “The Future.” They’re Here Now.

So curate unique opportunities for them to engage with your brand and focus on the benefits, not the features. Before you know it, they’ll be turning to you for all of their healthcare needs.

Curate unique opportunities for #millennial moms to engage with your brand & focus on the benefits, not the features. Click To Tweet

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